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Rumor has it that school has started up again; how did  I miss that? Regular school I mean, not my school although I’ve been doing quite a bit of that lately. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a productive week and hope yours will be too. Until then and to tide you over, here are the entries published on this site for this period over the last seven years with still more listed on the archives page.  Have a great weekend!

August 3, through August 16, 2005
Management Software
May I suggest FedEx?
Marriage by Movable Type
Couture Pattern Puzzles
Why We Buy
Alternatives in women’s sizing
Bariatric patients for sizing surveys?
Interfacing: 10 tips
What is a line sheet?

August 3, through August 16, 2006
Industrial coverstitch machines
How to find investors for a clothing line pt.1
Infovore links: 8/8/2006
Analyzing business plans pt.1
Domain names
How to manufacture shoes
Analyzing business plans pt.2
The Importance of Follow-Up
Trunk show at Bendel’s
How to format comments
How to get publicity pt.2
Question on freelance design

August 3, through August 16, 2007
Handbag product review
Gestation of consumer culture
History of apparel manufacturing
Who’s going to Magic?
Trade secrets and sewing contractors
A sense of professional decency
Poll of the day: darts
News from you 8/11/2007
Showing a children’s wear line
Poll of the day: darts 2
Poll of the day: True Bias
Recalled Chinese products
Poll of the day: True Bias 2
Sizing for the Eco market

August 3, through August 16, 2008

Medellin Day 1D
Medellin Day 2A
Medellin Day 2B
Fabric trashing …or stashing?
Medellin Day 2C
Going to Magic in August?
Medellin Day 3
What I don’t like about Colombia
Pop Quiz #476
Discounts for sewing defects?
Pop Quiz #476 pt. 2
A nice sleeve vent finish
Pop Quiz #477
News from you 8/15/2008

August 3, through August 16, 2009
Transitioning to in house production
Label lessons to learn
Prototype bag Style# 4216 pt.1
CPSIA: Children’s apparel exemptions
Selling to department stores pt.1
Pattern Puzzle: Collar or tie?

August 3, through August 16, 2010
What is a size break?
Contract for a clothing sales rep pt.3
IDPPPA: Yet another fashion design copyright law
Pop Quiz: What is an optimal size range?
One reason you may be getting the run around
The best job you could ever get…
Pop Quiz: What is an optimal size range? pt. 2
Pop Quiz: Which size should be used for costing?
Which size should be used for costing? pt.2

August 3, through August 16, 2011
What are the margins of an apparel distributor?
Pattern Puzzle: mystery draft
Pattern Puzzle: mystery draft pt.2
Financing a clothing line: is it time to borrow money?
Fitting the gusseted jean

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  1. Theresa in Tucson says:

    We’ve already had several waves of school starting up. Public schools started two weeks ago, my son’s school last week, and the U of A and the community college both started today. We even had our first high school football game and it’s still in the 100s! Had to take my bike in for service today and decided to ride it in since the bike shop is across the street from the University. Students scurrying like ants all across campus. The bike shop was hopping so the bike won’t be ready until late Weds afternoon. Ah well, it’s not like I don’t have another, although much slower, bike to ride in the meantime. The weekend was a good one – we had rain!

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