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The preliminary reporting on the Magic and related shows held this week says attendance was down but orders were up. I haven’t heard from kindred either way. Anybody know how the kids shows went? I’m wondering what the CPSIA fall out is. California Apparel News says American Apparel had a booth at Pool. How crazy is that? Let’s hope other exhibitors derived some benefit from it.

And then I wonder how many people are numbly staring at their desks, shell shocked. I always feel that way after a show. With too much stimulation, it’s hard to settle back into a routine. I didn’t go to the shows but I commiserate, truly I do. I’ve been out for the past two days dealing with family matters. A revered aunt -the matriarch of the family- died. With all the coming and going of activities and tasks, I’m out of sorts myself.

As usual, here’s this week’s entries from this period in F-I history. If you -like me- aren’t going out of town or are busier than usual this holiday weekend, you can kill some time in the archives. Have a great week end.

August 28 through September 3, 2005
Matisse the Master
Current line planning
Kewpie doll patent & pattern
Hazards of selling close to delivery dates

August 28 through September 3, 2006
Farmer’s market
Who sets delivery dates?
Net 30 and getting deposits for orders
Tradeshow Season
Interview with an inventor
Rain rain go away pt 2

August 28 through September 3, 2007
Pop quiz #467
Obesity and prognosticating scarcity
Just couldn’t resist…
Pop quiz #467 pt.2
How to become a sales rep?
#1 mistake of new designers
Made in L.A.
Open letter to POOL Tradeshow
News from you 8/31/2007
Sourcing at Magic
It all starts here 7

August 28 through September 3, 2008
Freelance Fabric Design Question pt.2
The accidental freelance fashion designer
A retailer’s question on order cancellation dates
Are you a victim of a hanger fix?
Trade show review: Lingerie Americas Magic 8/2008

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  1. Sonia Levesque says:

    Hello Kathleen!

    I don’t know if it’s just me… But the links given don’t work at all. None of them, and they usually work fine. :-(
    (( I’m running Safari on a MacBook ))

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the heads up Sonia. I think they were okay until this morning when we upgraded the site. I guess the /archives/ redirect was broken. It’s always something. Until it gets fixed with htaccess, if you get an error message loading any page, look at the URL and delete the “s” in “archives” between the forward slash marks. Example /archives/ should be /archive/

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