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I used to calculate the beginning of autumn by Sage Journal’s annual ungated content holiday but I got word the other day that it’s open a month early. I shudder to think Winter -my least favorite season- is coming early this year. Go, sign up, poke around. You’ll find some really cool stuff written by professors. There’s not nearly enough technology transference between education and industry so this is your one opportunity this year. Otherwise it costs thousands of dollars. Sage is where I find many obscure factoids.

Oh wait, it occurs to me there’s another kind of holiday this weekend. Labor Day. Boy, if that isn’t ironic in my household. Mr. Fashion-Incubator has officially left his job of 23 years so he can finally move up to Albuquerque. He has no other job prospects (the economy is challenging) so you may be seeing more of him. He’ll probably write entries. Maybe even about sewing. One thing you can count on, the pattern making DVD we shot last year will be forthcoming by Christmas if not sooner.

As ever, listed below are entries published on this site over the past five years. There’s still more in the archives if you have time to read while you relax and enjoy your weekend.

August 27, through September 2, 2005
Matisse the Master
Current line planning
Kewpie doll patent & pattern
Sleeve Drafting Tutorial
Hazards of selling close to delivery dates

August 27, through September 2, 2006
Farmer’s market
Who sets delivery dates?
Net 30 and getting deposits for orders
Interview with an inventor

August 27, through September 2, 2007
Muslin never looked so good
Pattern Puzzle: Bog shoes
Pop quiz #467
Obesity and prognosticating scarcity
Pop quiz #467 pt.2
How to become a sales rep?
#1 mistake of new designers
Made in L.A.
Open letter to POOL Tradeshow
News from you 8/31/2007
Sourcing at Magic

August 27, through September 2, 2008
Exibitor trade show report: Outdoor Retailer 8/2008
Freelance Fabric Design Question pt.2
The accidental freelance fashion designer
A retailer’s question on order cancellation dates
Are you a victim of a hanger fix?

August 27, through September 2, 2009
What are SKUs?
What are UPC codes?
How to assign SKUs and UPCs
Inglourious costumes
Do you need your own bar codes?

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  1. Lisa Brazus says:

    Kathleen great website, Sage Journals. I registered but when I tried to read an entire article I was denied. Maybe I need to wait a specific time period after registering. I will want to purchase the DVD.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Lisa, I haven’t re-signed up so I can’t speak to that but I know the sign up is a bit wonky, don’t remember the trick to it but keep at it.

  3. Denise says:

    Crazy times, crazy times. I’ve got several irons in the fire to keep things afloat and moving forward. As far as day job, bread and butter stuff, there seems to be a lot of contract work out there (in my day job profession), which I actually prefer. Which is better than last year, which was slim pickins, if anything. On that note, in a past life I maybe spent too many years in grad school, and am v. familiar with Sage Publications. The breadth of articles published by them is pretty amazing; however, with most academic publishing houses, the subscription isn’t cheap. If someone was interested in an article, he or she might be able to get full access to their database at a college library.

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