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nm_chile_seasonAh Labor Day, the official herald of Fall. It’s still pretty toasty around here, August having been warmer than usual in northern New Mexico but harvest is just beginning. Case in point, this lovely selection of chile found at our local farmer’s market this morning.

So what will you do this holiday weekend? Other than going to the market and meeting with one of you there (followed by a fit session at the shop), my weekend is open. Well, except for a visit tomorrow by a promising high school student (Emily) who won a local fashion contest for “most marketable”. I donated a prize of four hours of my time. Gotta encourage talent in one’s own back yard (they have no idea who I am but free is free). As an opening, Emily with mom in tow (a life long sewer herself) will be coming to discuss career and continuing education options. It’s kind of exciting to talk to young people. You can only hope they talk loudly enough to drown out one’s internal voice screaming at high pitch “Run! Get out while you still can!” Or something like that. Emily’s enthusiasm has drowned it out thus far.

As ever, here’s this week’s edition of the archives. Hope your holiday is great.

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  1. Yum, Yum, I know what I’d do with that chile!

    It’s always a bit startling to me when you refer to Albuquerque as in nothern NM. I think of it as central, and, to me, northern NM is Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Raton, Farmington, Chama…I could go on, but I’m just being nostalgic. I’ll concede that Albuquerque is in the northern half of the state, but I don’t think I’ll ever consider it in northern NM.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


  2. Renee says:

    How good of you to use the voice in your head for the “run, while you still can” comment. I routinely find friends of friends wanting me to council their teens who want to go into fashion design. I pretty much tell them they should only do so if it is the only thing they can possibly see themselves doing with their lives, and then they should figure on a supporting technical role, rather than a designer role.

  3. Paula Hudson says:

    Three solid days of “wedding” stuff for my friend’s daughter. Cool thing is, when I found F-I, I have been on this path of exploring being a DE. I’ve been going very slowly (trust me, not my usual M-O). Long story short, so many things have come into my life once I opened up to this, and now things are coming that I could never have planned. I made a “dream” contact at this wedding and now have to made The Decision. I think it’s do it or don’t time. Wow…

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