Archives 8/17-8/23 2005-2011

Yay! It’s archives day! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a listing of all the entries posted on this site for a given period of blog history. Perusing the list is a great way to survey the oldie-but-goodie content. It’s almost obligatory because I don’t like repeating myself (that seems like cheating).

I’ve been holding class this weekend so I’m spread thin as usual. I’m looking forward to getting into my usual schedule this week. Some of you may have more time than usual -hasn’t school started? Or maybe that means less time for some of you. In any event, we’ll be here.  Hope your weekend was great.

August 17, through August 23, 2005
Shopping industrial machines
Sourcing apparel industry sites
Tools and Supplies
Retail buyer complaints
Ironies of fabric sourcing

August 17, through August 23, 2006
Freight and warehouse chargebacks
Analyzing business plans pt.3
Rain rain go away
Analyzing business plans pt.4
Sizing is a variety problem
Leadership and implementing change
How to design packaging
What are jobbers?
How to buy wholesale fabric

August 17, through August 23, 2007
The birth of size 10?
News from you 8/17/2007
My first trade show: Marguerite Swope
Slow Fashion
How many lines sheets?
Vanity sizing shoes
Sizing for the Eco market 2
Microsofting your product
How to solve any problem 2

August 17, through August 23, 2008
Pop Quiz #477: Why the shirt fits badly
Pop Quiz 477: Plus size grading
How to work with a fashion illustrator
Freelance Fabric Design Question

August 17, through August 23, 2009
Needle feed sewing machines
How to avoid trouble if using bamboo fabrics
Free access to the vintage pattern library

August 17, through August 23, 2010
What is a fit model?
How to get a job being a fit model

August 17, through August 23, 2011
Smack Marketing
What is a gusset? pt.2
Pop quiz: how to split a draft?
Pop quiz: how to split a draft? pt.2

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