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I’m out of the office today but will be checking in sporadically. Kindred are gearing up for Indian Market in Santa Fe; our sister city’s number one tourist event of the year. Gal pal Sal, Mr. Fashion-Incubator and I will be going tomorrow so I hope to have photos and stories to share with you next week. If you’re local and want to meet, we’d be delighted to meet with you -especially if you’re buying lunch! Seriously, call my cell (on the about page).

Until soon, here is the list of entries published on this site over the past five years. As ever, there are more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

August 13, through August 19, 2005
Interfacing: 10 tips
What is a line sheet?
Shopping industrial machines
Sourcing apparel industry sites
Tools and Supplies

August 13, through August 19, 2006
The Importance of Follow-Up
Trunk show at Bendel’s
How to get publicity pt.2
Question on freelance design
Freight and warehouse chargebacks
Analyzing business plans pt.3

August 13, through August 19, 2007
Showing a children’s wear line
Poll of the day: darts 2
Poll of the day: True Bias
Recalled Chinese products
Poll of the day: True Bias 2
Sizing for the Eco market
The birth of size 10?
News from you 8/17/2007

August 13, through August 19, 2008
Pop Quiz #476 pt. 2
A nice sleeve vent finish
Pop Quiz #477
News from you 8/15/2008
Pop Quiz #477: Why the shirt fits badly
Pop Quiz 477: Plus size grading

August 13, through August 19, 2009

Pattern Puzzle: Collar or tie?
Needle feed sewing machines
How to avoid trouble if using bamboo fabrics

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