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MAGIC and all the related satellite shows open next week so traffic will be light. Goody, maybe I can get caught up.

Speaking of, I’ve fielded quite a few emails from aspiring designers this week who plan on attending Magic to buy fabrics. I told each and every one of them that you do not attend Magic to buy wholesale fabric and I’m certain that none of them listened to me. They’d already bought their airfare, made hotel reservations, boarded the dog or whatever so anything I said was raining on their parade. Read carefully: Everybody needs to go at some point, it’s a very educational experience and a fun time. However, it’s not optimal to find products or services. The best resources in the business rarely if ever exhibit at Magic so don’t get the idea that what you’re looking for doesn’t exist if you can’t find it there. That show is only a small picture of the industry. If you want a preview of what to expect at the show (the many shows there), see the tradeshow category. Fashion-Incubator easily has the most apparel industry related tradeshow reviews of any site on the internet.

Lecture dispensed with, here are the entries for this week over the past six years with more on the archives page. I will be staying here next week, holding down the fort.

August 12, through August 18, 2005
Bariatric patients for sizing surveys?
Interfacing: 10 tips
What is a line sheet?
Shopping industrial machines
Sourcing apparel industry sites

August 12, through August 18, 2006
The Importance of Follow-Up
Trunk show at Bendel’s
How to format comments
How to get publicity pt.2
Question on freelance design
Freight and warehouse chargebacks
Analyzing business plans pt.3

August 12, through August 18, 2007
Notice: search bots
Showing a children’s wear line
Poll of the day: darts 2
Poll of the day: True Bias
Recalled Chinese products
Poll of the day: True Bias 2
Sizing for the Eco market
The birth of size 10?
News from you 8/17/2007

August 12, through August 18, 2008
Pop Quiz #476 pt. 2
A nice sleeve vent finish
Pop Quiz #477
News from you 8/15/2008
Pop Quiz #477: Why the shirt fits badly

August 12, through August 18, 2009
Pattern Puzzle: Collar or tie?
Needle feed sewing machines
How to avoid trouble if using bamboo fabrics

August 12, through August 18, 2010
Pop Quiz: What is an optimal size range? pt. 2
Pop Quiz: Which size should be used for costing?
Which size should be used for costing? pt.2
What is a fit model?
How to get a job being a fit model

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