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July is a strange month in the trade. Production people are out of their minds getting orders together in time for delivery before the start of the school year next month and most everybody else in the product development end is dead slow. It’s a good time for us to vacation. I’ve taken the opportunity to get a handle on getting my shop finished, once all of you go to the fabric shows (taking place this past week through mid next month) and finalize sketches, all of us pattern makers will be busy again. That’s what I’m trying to get ready for.

I finally finished moving into the new building yesterday, moving the computer now that I finally have phone service -that was a chore; it was a trial finding someone to dig a 180 foot long trench. That’s a story in itself. Always hire a pro. I solicited bids, one from a non-specialist without the tools (I had to rent the equipment) was for about $1,800. Ouch. A construction crew that specializes in the job only cost me $425. Like I keep saying, specialists are cheaper. Either in direct dollar amounts or because you’ll have fewer problems down the road because they know the job better.

So, after the respite of writing this post, I have to go back to chopping down trees; I’ve been at it for the past four hours. Some trees here grow like crazy and in the most inconvenient of places. I don’t think they got the “this is a desert” memo. And as ever, here’s some reading from this week’s entries from the archives. Have a great weekend.

July 9, through July 15, 2005
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July 9, through July 15, 2006
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July 9, through July 15, 2007
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July 9, through July 15, 2008
Pop Quiz #474 pt.2
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July 9, through July 15, 2009
Prototype shopping bag Style# 4213
Prototype shopping bag Style# 4214
Going from prototype to production sewing

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  1. christina says:

    I just found your site..can’t remember where, maybe from artisanssquare? Seems like I’m behind the times and have missed out on some great stuff in the past! Looking forward to learning more!

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