Archives 7/8-7/14 2005-2010

Again I had to run out of town at the last minute and couldn’t get the weekly archives post up but hopefully this will be the last time for awhile. We finally got our Las Cruces house on the market and even staged an open house. Only two couples showed up (we don’t have a realtor) but both parties wanted to buy it and nobody quibbled with the price. We have our fingers crossed for an official offer soon.

As per nearly usual, here are the entries published this week on this site for the past six years. And as usual, you can find 2,000 more in the archives. I hope your weekend was lovely and equally productive.

July 8, through July 14, 2005
How quickly we forget
Bagging Tutorial
Push manufacturing; subverting the fit feedback loop
Sizing evolution
Bread Couture
Be corrigible

July 8, through July 14, 2006
Machine washing
More on apparel industry sustainability
How much can you spend the first year?
Industrial sewing machine attachments
I couldn’t make this up if I tried
Carnivale of Couture: Technical complexity

July 8, through July 14, 2007
Geek Holiday day 1
I am not evil
Geek Holiday day 2/3
Geek Holiday day 4
Pop quiz #466
Pop quiz #466 pt.2
News from you 7/13/2007

July 8, through July 14, 2008
Pop Quiz #474
Pop Quiz #474 pt.2

July 8, through July 14, 2009
Design Paralysis: Why I’m not a designer
Prototype shopping bag Style# 4213
Prototype shopping bag Style# 4214
Going from prototype to production sewing

July 8, through July 14, 2010
Everyone’s nightmare: the investment employee
What’s been up with me for the past 8 months
The difference between a wannabe and a newbie
Keeping stuff can be riskier than getting rid of it

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