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In theory, Julys are slow but it’s picked up around here. I hope that’s a sign of the economy recovering. I think people have decided it’s gotten as bad as it will so it’s time to start moving forward after having recalibrated. I remain behind. Typical. It’s time to turn it up a notch.

Maybe you saw the article in which I was quoted for the NYT, I posted about it. Bloggers do that. We want to make sure you know how smart you are to invest your time reading our stuff. I spoke to the reporter at length. Hers is not a job I want; it’s an incredible amount of work and then after it’s published, a lot of people says hateful things about you (not that she said that, I googled her). She didn’t write 1/20th of what she had to have learned from writing that story, that I knew about anyway from talking to her. Writing is easy, sit down and open a vein (via).

It rained nicely here last week. This week, all the grass decided to reseed itself -a good idea in my opinion. I cut Ms. Humming’s Nest out of the tree. I have it in my office. I have bare studs on one wall with some horizontal bracing, making for shallow, irregularly shaped cubbies. I put her nest in one of those.

…and if you want to catch up with some of this week’s resources from the archives, here’s your chance. Have a great weekend.

July 23, through July 29, 2005
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Lean Homework
Zara’s 300 designers
Zara and Lean Retail
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Wholesale Fabric Show
22692 Bagging Tutorial #1

July 23, through July 29, 2006
Petite models question
Reducing production costs: Mobius scarf
How I lost 150 pounds
Why no one will help you
Why do hems roll up?
Infovore links: 7/28/2006

July 23, through July 29, 2007
Batch, UPS and Modular (UPS pt.1)
It all starts here 6
Batch, UPS and Modular (Modular pt.1)
Fashion copyright: the death of us all
Innovation & Technology of Women’s Intimate Apparel
News from you 7/27/2007

July 23, through July 29, 2008
Giving instructions to a pattern grader
Giving instructions to a pattern grader pt.2
Fashion illustration book review
News from you 7/28/2008
Giving instructions to a pattern grader pt.3

July 23, through July 29, 2009
Would you trust this pattern maker?
Getting things done when you’re not in charge
CPSIA articles index
CPSIA: Another tracking label update
Pattern Puzzle: Yoga twist top

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