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Ah, another summer Sunday. Other than writing this entry (such as it is) I took the day off. First one in I don’t know how long. It has been very busy this year, the busiest since I started my business 17 years ago. Which could explain why my posting has been so sporadic of late.

Case in point, I neglected to mention that the second ever DG Expo will be held August 6th & 7th next week in New York City. Since this probably doesn’t ring a bell, this would be the wholesale fabric show with low minimums for start up designers and small companies. It’s been discussed quite a bit in the forum with people arranging to meet. For those who are new to it, here’s a description:

DG expo is a two day Textile & Trimmings exhibit for Designers, Small Manufacturers (producing Apparel, Accessories, Homefurnishings, other Sewn Products), plus Private Label Retailers, Fabric Stores, Event/Party Planners. Exhibitors are Wholesale Suppliers (including Mills, Converters, Importers, and Distributors) who have low minimums, and many have in-stock fabric and trims. Source everything from Acetates to Zippers…..You’ll find Knits, Wovens, NonWovens, technical and stretch fabrics, eco-friendly and organic, beaded and embroidered, leathers and faux furs, jacquards and yarn dyes, prints and much more!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that. I have to leave now for a movie and dinner date with Mr. Fashion-Incubator. It’s our wedding anniversary. Here are the posts, a survey of material posted on this site over the past seven years with still more on the archives page. Have a great weekend!

July 21, through August 3, 2005
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July 21, through August 3, 2006
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Infovore links: 7/28/2006
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July 21, through August 3, 2007
Batch, UPS and Modular (UPS pt.1)
It all starts here 6
Batch, UPS and Modular (Modular pt.1)
Fashion copyright: the death of us all
Innovation & Technology of Women’s Intimate Apparel
News from you 7/27/2007
Pop quiz #464
Managing sample fabrics
Growth or dilution? Adding another label
Pop quiz #464 pt.2
Growth or dilution? Adding another label pt.2
Pop quiz #464 pt.3
How to solve any problem
How to organize books
Japanese Ink

July 21, through August 3, 2008
Pop Quiz #475
Tracing and Marking
Pop Quiz #475 pt.2
What’s a fair employee discount?
Giving instructions to a pattern grader
Giving instructions to a pattern grader pt.2
Fashion illustration book review
News from you 7/28/2008
Giving instructions to a pattern grader pt.3
How to use wigan
Medellin: Day 1A
Medellin: Day 1B
Medellin Day 1C

July 21, through August 3, 2009
Prototype bag Style# 4216 & 4217
Would you trust this pattern maker?
Getting things done when you’re not in charge
Pattern Puzzle: Yoga twist top
Transitioning to in house production

July 21, through August 3, 2010
Pop Quiz: fix this dress pt.2
Old school vs shiny new technology
Pop Quiz: what are the costs of a white tee shirt?
Are you a good customer? pt.2
Welcome visitors from the New York Times
Why existing manufacturers don’t add plus sizes
What is a size break?

July 21, through August 3, 2011
Patterns must grow longer based on girth
Patterns must grow longer based on girth pt.2
The great cap sleeve debate
The great cap sleeve debate pt.2
Why you should start your own sewing factory pt.2
What are the margins of an apparel distributor?

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  1. Sandy Peterson says:

    You should make a “day off” part of your weekly routine, Kathleen. Happy Anniversary, to both of you!!

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