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betsy-rossIn continuation of Independence Day -given the time period of today’s archives- Slate published a revisionist account of our nation’s first heroic seamstress, Betsy Ross. Based on a social history recently published (Betsy Ross and the Making of America), Slate’s redux says Ross was “a hard-nosed, snuff-loving businesswoman” who was paid today’s equivalent of $2,000 to make the first flag. Who would turn down a contract like that? It’s a fun story to read, the book is a compelling social history of the era that I think I will read. Also included was a re-hash of Ross’s method of folding and cutting a sheet of paper to make a perfect five point star. Not being very good at following instructions, I tried it four times before I got a satisfactory result.

If you have time to kill after playing with your five point star, here’s some reading from this week’s entries from the archives.

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July 2, through July 8, 2006
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July 2, through July 8, 2007
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July 2, through July 8, 2008
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July 2, through July 8, 2009
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