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It’s Friday! Did you have a productive week? I’m not so sure mine was. I’d been hoping to hear back on the needle feed machine today but I am disappointed it didn’t happen. Hmmm. Not saying it’s the case with this company but some machine suppliers don’t deal with women. One machine manufacturer I won’t mention by name, offers a five week sewing machine repair course but you know, after all the times I emailed them, I’ve never gotten a response to my inquiries. I had Significant Other email them recently and they responded immediately -twice! I never know how to handle those situations other than venting. But that’s neither here nor there, this is about the weekly archives. As nearly always, there’s more here. Have a great week end.

Edited to add: I heard from my machine guy! It would seem he’s stellar about returning calls. He says the sew off sample went perfectly (after adjustments) and they’ll be shipping the machine on Monday.

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  1. Grace says:

    For years, my (European-trained tailor) FIL told me not to buy a serger. Why? Because it would sit in the closet as soon as a thread breaks. He had yet to meet a woman who could thread a serger.

    When I did save up the $$$ and was actively shopping for one, he gave me more advice. “When you buy a serger, make sure you buy a good one. The cheap ones are worthless.”

    I guess his opinion changed in the intervening decade.

    FWIW, I have a 2/3/4 thread Japanese-made Juki with a Bernina nameplate. I probably overpaid, but it came with Bernina classes, which I always found very helpful.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I’m so excited my machine is shipping today. I can’t believe this but the salesman (Wayne Marso at Orange County Industrial Sewing) emailed me at 7:00 AM, my time (6:00 AM there). Also, I forgot to specify voltage but Wayne said (the point of this) that on the new Juki motors, the voltage is changed by a jumper in the motor! How cool is that?

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