Archives 7/10 – 7/16 2005-2008

I’m out most of today dealing with personal matters but leave this for your weekend reading pleasure. As ever, there’s more in the archives. Have a great week end.

July 10 through July 16, 2005
Bagging Tutorial
Push manufacturing; subverting the fit feedback loop
Sizing evolution
Bread Couture
Be corrigible
Hangtags, labels & domain names- competing with your customers?

July 10 through July 16, 2006
Machine washing
More on apparel industry sustainability
How much can you spend the first year?
Industrial sewing machine attachments
I couldn’t make this up if I tried
Carnivale of Couture: Technical complexity
Carnival of Couture: Jinjer Markley

July 10 through July 16, 2007
Geek Holiday day 4
Pop quiz #466
Pop quiz #466 pt.2
News from you 7/13/2007
Ethics in clothing design

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