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huichol_yarn_art1Yesterday we went to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe -and what a feast to the senses! With over 132 individual artists representing 50 countries (related story from Reuters), it’s the largest folk art market in the world. An annual event, you may consider making a special trip next year. I have to say, this event was the best organized, best staffed and best planned event I’ve ever attended. Saturday’s entry fee was $20 (at the gate, $15 in advance) and it was worth every penny. Great food as well; nearly every vendor had a range of vegetarian selections.

One thing I like about folk art is that the artists aren’t afraid of color. I weary of pallid noncommittal color trends common in today’s clothing. I’m sick of those greens and blues that can’t decide which color it wants to be. Do I want to be blue? I don’t want to commit to that, let’s muddle it with some black or maybe a bit of yellow so it ends up looking like a six year old’s first color mixing experiment. ugh. So we bought stuff. Not a lot since it wasn’t inexpensive but a few nice pieces.  A 12″ X 18″ bit of embroidery depicting simple (but harder) village life, a beaded cat, a yarn painting and something else but I forget what. At right is a yarn painting by Huichol artist Cilau Valadez. I may be writing more about this later this week.

Below you’ll find the entries published here for this week over the past six years. As ever, there’s over 2,000 more in the archives if you’re looking for reading material. Here’s to a restful and colorful weekend.

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  1. Doris W. in TN says:

    Kathleen – Have you ever seen the Mexican folk art “alebrijes”? They are an explosion of bright colors. While fun to look at, they creep me out.

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