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old_shoeThe big fashion news of the week is a peer reviewed article from PLoS One that a perfectly preserved 5,500 year old shoe was found in a cave in Armenia. Its owner was nowhere to be found lending credence to the rumor to have been heard saying “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that old thing”. Purportedly fashioned by a “professional”, a discriminating fashionista could only describe the shoe’s stitch quality as capricious primitivism at best -and not so far removed from what is found in many online craft venues today. Expect inspired renditions coming soon to a runway near you.

The weather is cooperating nicely, a respite from last week’s record temperatures. Today I’ll be cleaning the shop and hope to install shelving and maybe even unpack a few boxes.

Should you find some time to kill, here’s this week’s entries from the archives. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    Do note that, in reference to the upper squared off section and further down to where the foot would go in, this is the part of the shoe that was laced up. So stitching or “stitching” wouldn’t look so hot. This is what shoes even from the 14th or 15th Century looked like. I wonder why the heel stitching looks so bad: the later shoes had smaller, neater stitches.

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