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trumpet_vineCheerfully, gleefully working about the yard amid Summer’s nascent arrival, I spied large blooms on the trumpet vine and thought to take a picture of them for you. A closer inspection revealed a dog-sized hollow beneath the vine -so now I know where that silly dog has been sleeping to get so filthy I can’t let her in the shop. This has been a trial for a week now. Perhaps I can convince that most stalwart and swarthy of men -Mr. Fashion-Incubator- to move a large rock into it. For now, I’m making due with an orphan tomato cage.

As ever, below are the entries published on this site over the past six years. Visit the archives for 2,000+ more. Hope your weekend is dandy.

June 3, through June 9, 2005
Subscribe and Index of entries
Vionnet book on Amazon
Smoking & Drinking: cherished industry traditions
The Clothing Broker
I hate Tommy

June 3, through June 9, 2006
Relabeling garments
3D body scanning question
Hats UK
A rock and a hard place
Literary women quiz
Sleeve cap ease is bogus pt.2
The influence of authority
Sewing Divas

June 3, through June 9, 2007
Prevent sewing defects
Nag Nag Nag (EN 13402)
Hiring a virtual assistant
What will become of us?
Swim Lessons report pt.1

June 3, through June 9, 2008
Procrastination Quiz
Lessons in calculating fabric use & pattern engineering
A Big Ball of Mud
How to make men’s ties
News From You 6/6/2008
Intentional Technical Debt

June 3, through June 9, 2009
July 2009 Trade Shows
How to make a tech pack web seminars
How to check for nap & one-ways

June 3, through June 9, 2010
SPESA: Lawson for Fashion
SPESA Trip Report: Denise Silveira, Point Clothing Co.
Do sewing operators refuse to change?
Everyone’s nightmare: the investment employee
What’s been up with me for the past 8 months

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