Archives 6/29-7/5 2005-2011

And here is part two of the archives entry so I’m glad to be caught up. Now I have to run along as we are going bicycle shopping in preparation for my first century ride this October. It’s called Day of the Tread because it’s held close to Day of the Dead which is a big deal around here.

Again, the archives page is a handy resource, do click through to find lots of fashioney goodness.

June 29, through July 5, 2005
The myth of vanity sizing
Rohr’s Pattern Drafting Books
Fit and sizing entropy
Independence day?

June 29, through July 5, 2006
How much can you make the first year?
Millicent Rogers Museum
Ingeo & Top 10 online retailers
Taos Solar Music Festival
Process and Progress
H&M Is Taking Over the World

June 29, through July 5, 2007
News from you 6/29/2007
Batch, UPS and Modular (Batch pt.1)
Pop quiz #463
Library of Congress

June 29, through July 5, 2008
Pop Quiz #473
Pop Quiz #473 pt. 2
Last Laugh
Problem pattern maker pt.2

June 29, through July 5, 2009
Pattern Puzzle: One Dress
Preparing for your fashion photoshoot
How to promote your business on blogs
Kate Rawlinson: Cutter Extraordinaire

June 29, through July 5, 2010
Questions for a sewing contractor
Pattern Puzzle: Tze Goh
Would you know a nice sewing factory if you saw one?

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