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NPR has been running a variety of Independence Day related stories all day. This morning they featured a Story Corp interview with Bob Heft, the designer of the US flag we fly today. Apparently, Bob had never sewn before starting this high school history project -and he hasn’t sewn again since. His teacher wasn’t impressed and graded him a B- because he put 50 stars on it at a time when there were only 48 states.

“I was upset,” Heft says. “The teacher said, ‘If you don’t like the grade, get it accepted in Washington then come back and see me. I might consider changing the grade.’ ”

And Heft did go to Washington; his design was approved on July 4, 1960 by which time there were 50 states. His teacher said if it was good enough for the country, it was worth changing his grade to an A.

As ever, it’s the archives entry for the week. Have a great holiday!

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