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Sorry this is posting so late. I’m using the WIFI connection at McDonalds and it keeps dropping out. I’m away, still working on our house to get it ready for sale. I’d be chattier but I’m afraid to go on in case I lose my connection again (and again, again, again…). I do hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend. Happy Birthday USA and Happy Birthday Canada (yesterday). As always, there’s more in the archives if you have time for extended reading.

June 24, through June 30, 2005
Home again
This changes everything
The myth of vanity sizing
Rohr’s Pattern Drafting Books

June 24, through June 30, 2006
Sales rep training
700 lb Gorilla
How much can you make the first year?
Millicent Rogers Museum
Ingeo & Top 10 online retailers
Taos Solar Music Festival

June 24, through June 30, 2007
Are designers, designers? Dedicated to the incompetent
Pop quiz #465
Shopping carts pt.2
Liz Claiborne dies
How to find sewing contractors
Pop quiz #465 pt.2
Selfishness, secrecy and jealousy
News from you 6/29/2007

June 24, through June 30, 2008
Vanity sizing: generational edition pt.2
How do you cut notches?
Designing uniforms
Colombia bleg and misc
Pop Quiz #473

June 24, through June 30, 2009
How to start a homebased handmade sewing business pt3
Free access to The Entrepreneur’s Guide
Why handmade is best
What is a batch?
Pattern Puzzle: One Dress
Preparing for your fashion photoshoot

June 24, through June 30, 2010
Introduction to Digital Fabric Printing
Pattern Puzzle: Anja Mlakar (?)
Questions for a sewing contractor
Pattern Puzzle: Tze Goh

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