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Not that one would ever guess it but here is another archives post! Yes, below you can find an edited selection of posts published on this site for this period over the past seven years.

Say— is it hot where you are? It is about 9-10 degrees warmer than typical for this time of year -very distressing to say the least- problematic in that I have a visitor taking a class through this coming Thursday. My shop doesn’t have air conditioning or a cooler which is okay most of the time (it doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as everybody seems to think). Usually it is about 90 degrees with >15% humidity and then at night, the temperature drops 40 degrees so it cools off nicely. Maybe I’ll have to go get one of those portable coolers? I used to have one. Otherwise I will have a veritable sweat shop. What can I say?

But I digress. You should bookmark the archives page. I find it indispensable to finding information. Instructions on how to use it as a tool appear at the top of the page.

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June 15, through June 21, 2010
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June 15, through June 21, 2011
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  1. M-C says:

    An old trick from washing-machine-size hard drive days: take a block of ice, put it on barbecue grill, on top of garbage can. Aim floor fan over ice block directly towards suffering person. Fairly low tech, but as effective as real A/C.

  2. Louise says:

    It hasn’t been hot in the UK – pleasant, but frequently raining. And now the Wimbledon tennis championships have started, it’s bound to be drizzly and miserable… you are welcome to some of it if it helps!

  3. Sarah H. says:

    I grew up in Arkansas without AC. You open up the house (building) at night and get it as cool as possible, then close it, and close the window coverings through the heat of the day to reduce radiant heat gain. Keep air moving on you, over ice would be even better. I like the idea of the barbecue grill over the garbage can. Drink lots of cool fluids. Do as little as possible in the heat of the day. The traditional siesta under a ceiling fan.

    It is hotter than normal in Texas too. We do not usually break 100 before July, and it has been up close for the last week in Dallas.

    I just read the pre-edited copy of Lois Bujold’s new book. She swears it will be the last, the very last Barryer book. Ivan finally gets his own book.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I love the ice idea and may try it, don’t want my student to faint. Problem is, where does one buy ice blocks these days?

    I heard Ivan was getting his own book, I was hoping Gregor would.

  5. Lisa Blank says:

    I’ve seen blocks of ice at 1) campgrounds and supermarkets near campgrounds, 2) beer distributors (probably unique to PA), and 3) actual ice plants/distributors.

  6. Taja says:

    ‘Tis a bit warm here in the Valley of the Sun – Phoenix metro area (Arizona). Day time highs in the 105 to 110 range, night time lows just moved into the 80s. They were in the high 70s until this week. Moisture is beginning to accumulate in the air. Hope that this year we actually have some of the afternoon storms that were common 25 years ago–wind/dust at 3:00 p.m. (occasionally at 3:30) followed by torrential rain that lowered them temperature a good 20 degrees! We’ve had almost no summer rain during the past 15 to 20 years.

    Block ice usually is available at larger supermarkets. Sometimes at gas stations with those old-fashioned ice machines outside.

    Kathleen, I’ve been reading your blog (finally made it to early 2010) when I have the chance, as well as reading current posts and comments. I’m learning a lot, although I rarely comment much, as I haven’t read your book yet. I hope to purchase it in August and bury my nose in it! *LOL* Just have too much on my plate at the moment–work, three online classes and some extended family illnesses–to add anything else to the mix. I am really looking forward to having a wee bit of time to just read and think!

  7. Sandy Peterson says:

    Hi Kathleen, Hopefully it’s cooled off today, although you’re probably on a different jet stream then we are. All week and yesterday is was HOT!!

    Just after lunch today, as I was sitting in the van under a shade tree reading Les Misérables, while one of our boys was having his braces taken off, I had to close the windows a little because I was chilled!! Yea!!

    If I could send some of this your way, I would!! Enjoy a cup of ice water!!

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