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I had other things to say in this space and then decided to make it a separate entry to make it easier to find later on, should need be.

We had a nice weekend with lots of company yesterday for what is shaping up to be an annual event around here, familial June birthdays. As in, Mr. and Mrs Fashion-Incubator who were born three days apart. Here’s to hoping your weekend is divine too.

And as tradition dictates, here is today’s archives entry with still more on the archives page.

June 1, through June 7, 2005
Seam class specifications
Bloggers, mothers and tommys run amok
RAQ: rarely asked questions
Subscribe and Index of entries
Vionnet book on Amazon

June 1, through June 7, 2006
Interviewing tips for pattern makers
The influence of scarcity
Relabeling garments
3D body scanning question
Hats UK
A rock and a hard place
Literary women quiz
Sleeve cap ease is bogus pt.2

June 1, through June 7, 2007
Don’t borrow money to start a clothing line
News from you 6/1/07
Prevent sewing defects
Nag Nag Nag (EN 13402)
Hiring a virtual assistant
What will become of us?

June 1, through June 7, 2008
Live from Las Cruces, it’s a Prairie Home Companion!
Procrastination Quiz
Lessons in calculating fabric use & pattern engineering
A Big Ball of Mud
How to make men’s ties
News From You 6/6/2008

June 1, through June 7, 2009
Pop Quiz: Are you a manufacturing expert? pt.2
What it takes to get a job in fashion industry
How to make a tech pack web seminars

June 1, through June 7, 2010
SPESA: Trip report on machines and Lean from Lisa Blank
SPESA: Murata Shirring, Smocking and Pin-Tucking
SPESA: Lawson for Fashion
SPESA Trip Report: Denise Silveira, Point Clothing Co.
Do sewing operators refuse to change?

June 1, through June 7, 2011
Prada and post office
Beginner’s guide to sewing with industrial machines

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