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brass_tape_measure_braceletThe theme for today’s archives entry would be covet. Me too, I want a brass tape measure bracelet but can’t find them anywhere. All of the cool kids got theirs before Winter ended. I’m guessing the bracelet’s designer is stymied at its popularity. Just goes to show you never know who wants your stuff. I think this bracelet would match my brass slinkies cum bracelets. Those are popular in social situations, a mobile conversation piece anyone can play with; a sure hit for the socially awkward. Ask me how I know.

Drat. A search shows that solid brass slinkies aren’t made anymore. That’s criminal. I see they’re now making a gold plated brass slinky for $89. Hmm. I wonder if my transparent attempt at popularizing slinkies as accessory bracelets has backfired. This means I’ll eventually have to get these too. I wonder if they make them in silver? I’d never need to buy another piece of jewelry again.

As always, below are the entries published this week over the past six years with 2,000+ in the archives. Have a great weekend (we’re going to make beer!).

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  1. Hi there! Sandra posted a comment, providing a link to our blog feature on the tape measure bracelet. We will have a few new stocks of the bracelet in the blog photo by the first to second week of June, and we are accepting reservations with a 50% downpayment. Several pieces have already been reserved. In addition, we have a matching tape measure ring, also in goldtone brass. Here is a link to the photo of that item.
    Any queries, let us know via a personal message at or an email at Thanks! :)

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thanks Bijoux.

    Speaking for myself, I’m nervous about ordering on your site because I’m told I need to install additional plugins. As someone with a lot of internet shopping experience, I’ve never been instructed that I have to download additional software to purchase something. I’m guessing your site is genuine but still, nobody else makes me do this and I’m guessing other visitors have similar reservations.

  3. Hi Kathleen. That’s very odd. We’ve been trading since 2007 and none of our clients have commented on the need to download additional software to purchase on our site before! I guess there’s a first time for everything…Anyway, if you’re interested in ordering anything, just send us an email at Just include in your email the following info, which we also ask for on the order form in our album:

    – Your name
    – The items you’re ordering (better if you include the name of the photo album it came from and the price – prices shown are in Philippine pesos and are seen under the first photo of each item in the photo albums)
    – Your shipping address
    – Your email address
    – Your mode of payment (for overseas clients, it’s Paypal)
    – Your Paypal email address
    – How you found out about our site
    – If you saw us on a blog, please indicate the blog name

    We will then send you an email acknowledging receipt of your order and a Paypal invoice. Should you have any further queries, please email us at the gmail address provided.

  4. Bijoux de Lou,
    Note that a bunch of people may have elected not to download other people’s software and never became customers. This is the kind of thing you don’t know unless someone tells you.

  5. Hi Alison! We do appreciate Kathleen’s feedback about the request to install a plugin that popped up when she tried to submit an order, and do agree with your point that other people who encountered that problem before didn’t bring it to our attention then. One of us is an I.T. professional and he suspects that it may be a browser issue. The order form works on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Version 8; no requests to install a plugin pop up. While we sort out this problem, we’ve offered the alternative of submitting an order via email at the gmail address provided above. If potential customers would be interested in seeing our past customers’ feedback on our items and service, this information is posted on our site’s homepage under the Guestbook section. Thank you for your feedback. :)

  6. Kaja says:

    I am probably the last person in the world to see these bracelet, but remember that news travel slow to Sweden… ;-)

    I got my bracelet last Friday from here: Two absolutely lovely gals are selling awesome stuff and they were SO helpful when the customs were starting to mess things up….

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