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Mother Nature’s personality changes with the season. In spring, she’s coy; unwavering but genteel. By summer, Mom-Nat is feistier than a 40-something with a bad case of BC (biological clock). The last thing she is, is coy -as in the case of this weekend; it is the hottest so far. Spring is over, summer is here, better get used to it. I smile when I say that. Summer is my favorite season of the year.

We worked outside for most of the day. It was a good day but I wish The Boy didn’t talk so much. I got one hour’s peace by suggesting we play the “nobody can talk” game and it was good until we forgot. We’ve been taking piles of junk and old lumber to the city. It was work and it was hot but it was good. You get older and you think any day above ground is a good one -but then I also worry because I’m too young to think that old!

Truly, I hope your weekend is lovely. And as ever, here’s a list of entries published on this site for this week in history from the archives. See you on Monday.

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