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A recap in case you’re wondering why posting is scanty this week; I have a private class going on. Posting should be back to normal by Tuesday. I had several announcements (contests, data releases, software specials etc) I needed to post before now so I regret the delay. I appreciate your patience if you’ve written and I’ve yet to respond.

This morning we are taking a short break to visit the season opening of our local farmer’s market. Those in the big city probably think that’s silly but I’ve had it on my calender amid high anticipation for several months. We’ve been spoiled by the Las Cruces market because it is year round. It is annoying the Albuquerque markets shut for the winter months because we do much of our holiday gift shopping there. I don’t mind if you giggle that farmer’s markets are what passes for frivolity and fun in the beautiful state of New Mexico but I wouldn’t change it for the world. An aside: when my students first arrived, they wondered why I would live here. Now that they’ve been here a few days, they wonder why more people don’t.

As usual, below are the entries published on this site for this week over the past six years. Again, if you are looking for a particular entry, searching via the archives page (which lists 2,000+ entries) is probably easier than the search box.

May 27, through June 2, 2005
Centered zipper construction
Seam class specifications
Bloggers, mothers and tommys run amok
RAQ: rarely asked questions

May 27, through June 2, 2006
Fashion Education Options
Littering squatters
Another Sunday in NM
Fiber artists
Interviewing tips for pattern makers
The influence of scarcity
Who needs a sewing contractor?

May 27, through June 2, 2007
Swimming Lessons: Pool Tradeshow
Marketing misbehavior
It all starts here 5
Designer’s website design pt.2
DEs: an internationally endangered species?
Don’t borrow money to start a clothing line
News from you 6/1/07

May 27, through June 2, 2008
Memorial Day 2008
Cop-outs or checklists?
Pattern puzzle: lamp shades
Zippered welt pocket tutorial
Yves St Laurent Dead at 71
Live from Las Cruces, it’s a Prairie Home Companion!

May 27, through June 2, 2009
Lowering pattern costs in bra cup sized lines
Pop Quiz: Are you a manufacturing expert?
Pop Quiz: Are you a manufacturing expert? pt.2
What it takes to get a job in fashion industry

May 27, through June 2, 2010
Getting Color Right
SPESA: Trip report on machines and Lean from Lisa Blank
SPESA: Murata Shirring, Smocking and Pin-Tucking
The SPESA show is no more

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