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This weekend being a holiday, we’re out of town doing our usual Memorial Day traipse to the wine festival in Las Cruces. Owing to the generosity of free wi-fi at McDonalds, I should dispense with preamble to this week’s archives edition. For those with time on their hands, there’s 2,000+ entries in the archives. I hope your holiday weekend is fun and relaxing. Have a great weekend.

May 20, through May 26, 2005
Lapped zipper template
Lapped zipper construction
Lapped zipper specs
Centered zipper template

May 20, through May 26, 2006
Gussets and collars pt. 2
Gwen Stefani breaks finger
Where is ease permissible? pt.2
Factoring invoices: Financing a fashion line
Sewing blogs
Pattern maker’s employment question
Financing fashion: 10 mistakes designers make
A perfect fit model
Training Within Industry (TWI)
Shopping Quiz

May 20, through May 26, 2007
How to buy an electronic bar tack machine pt 1
How to buy an electronic bar tack machine pt 2
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.4
How to get people to change
Protecting Fashion Ideas Law
Blogging is easy!
News from you 5/25/07

May 20, through May 26, 2008
10,000th comment prize 1
Trip to LA 2
Showing at Atelier
News From You 5/23/2008

May 20, through May 26, 2009
Sewing with leather pt.1
Sewing with leather pt.2
Trends and strategies in a tough economy
Pattern Puzzle: Hats

May 20, through May 26, 2010
SPESA 2010 pt.1: Home again
SPESA: The easiest way to press pants
SPESA: Industrial sewing machines plus
SPESA: Textile technology is LEDing fashion

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