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It’s a languid Saturday with temperatures increasing in the sunny southwest. Today we went to the farmer’s market. We didn’t buy anything but breakfast and fresh salsa. Afterwards we went to my favorite pharmacy (which has a great gift shop) to buy soap and a wrist brace (made in USA!). I’ve been struggling with another bout of carpel tunnel. I’ve had it for awhile; in desperation, all last week I moused with my left hand (it is supposed to make you smarter too) but productivity lows spake an artificial solution. Such are commercial demands…

And now comes this week’s archives entry, highlighting the posts published on this site for this time period over the past seven years. This being provided as a service as there is so much content here to slog through. If you want access to more, see the archives page.

May 18, through May 31, 2005
Nick & Nora: chargeback casualty
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Lapped zipper construction
Lapped zipper specs
Centered zipper template
Centered zipper construction

May 18, through May 31, 2006
Shaping the underbust
Selling clothes to stores
Gussets and collars pt. 2
Gwen Stefani breaks finger
Where is ease permissible? pt.2
Factoring invoices: Financing a fashion line
Sewing blogs
Pattern maker’s employment question
Financing fashion: 10 mistakes designers make
A perfect fit model
Training Within Industry (TWI)
Shopping Quiz
Fashion Education Options
Littering squatters
Another Sunday in NM
Fiber artists

May 18, through May 31, 2007
News from you 5/18/07
How to buy an electronic bar tack machine pt 1
How to buy an electronic bar tack machine pt 2
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.4
How to get people to change
News from you 5/25/07
Swimming Lessons: Pool Tradeshow
Marketing misbehavior
It all starts here 5
Designer’s website design pt.2
DEs: an internationally endangered species?

May 18, through May 31, 2008

Starting a home sewing pattern company pt.2
Zippered welt pocket tutorial
Pattern puzzle: lamp shades
Cop-outs or checklists?
News From You 5/23/2008
Showing at Atelier
Trip to LA 2

May 18, through May 31, 2009
Designing clothes for plus size women
Luxury vs Premium -or even free
Homage or Plagiarism?
Sewing with leather pt.1
Sewing with leather pt.2
Trends and strategies in a tough economy
Pattern Puzzle: Hats
Lowering pattern costs in bra cup sized lines
Pop Quiz: Are you a manufacturing expert?

May 18, through May 31, 2010
SPESA 2010 pt.1: Home again
SPESA: The easiest way to press pants
SPESA: Industrial sewing machines plus
SPESA: Textile technology is LEDing fashion
Getting Color Right

May 18, through May 31, 2011
Wholesale Fabric Show -Chicago May 26-27
Reviews: New pattern making books
Refine My Line: Embrace Infant Warmer pt.3
Why you get cheated -and a possible solution
The story of Roy or how to learn to sew in 4 months
Guessing the market: targeting for your business plan
Business plans for funding are over-rated

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  1. theresa in tucson says:

    So sorry about the carpal tunnel, Kathleen. If you are going to do more biking be extra careful and get the best gloves you can.

  2. S Mascis says: was a great help for me. No, I do not have any connection to this or its author, though I did take a class at a knitting store where this was the textbook. Lots of good exercises.

    When I am not working on making new stuff up, I do a LOT of data mining. And on a busy day, I come home and I ice my arm down (shades of major league pitchers, but without the salary or trainers). I cannot afford to lose my livelihood OR my pleasure by losing my right hand. Yes, it hurts and I feel stupid, but I’m still working and sewing and drafting and knitting. So far ice/heat therapy plus rest works. And the book has been very useful.

  3. Cindy Peterson says:

    Kathleen, hope the wrist brace helps. When I had troubles with my wrist, I switched from a mouse to a track ball. The open hand position made a big difference. Thanks for the blog. I am not in the industry, but have your book and enjoy your style of writing.

  4. I moused with my left hand for a couple of years; don’t remember why I stopped. Something to do with a new desk setup I think.

    It took a little while (more than a week) but eventually became natural. All I do with a computer is mouse and keyboard entry. I’m not doing anything with a puck or anything that might require more complicated muscle memory.

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