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zombie_cdcThrowing caution to the wind, I made weekend plans (a repeat of last weekend, house painting). Keeping to a theme -an opportune but probably not intended to coincide- bit of silliness courtesy of the CDC which has published a guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Really. They did. And yeah, that CDC. Studies show the best way to have your message retained is to couch it in humor.

As you’ve come to expect, below are the entries published over the past six years for this given week. Likewise, there are 2,000+ in the archives if you want more. Have a great weekend.

May 13, through May 19, 2005
Process review: lapped zipper
Nick & Nora: chargeback casualty

May 13, through May 19, 2006
Ungaro style #11350
Gussets and collars
Where is ease permissible?
Shaping the underbust
Selling clothes to stores

May 13, through May 19, 2007
Obligatory Mother’s Day post
Energy and the future of the apparel industry
SPESA Trip Report: Eric Husman
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.1
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.2
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.3
News from you 5/18/07

May 13, through May 19, 2008
Pattern Puzzle & Quiz: Threads
When do you cut your losses?
9,953 and counting…
Pattern Puzzle & Quiz: Threads pt.2

May 13, through May 19, 2009
How we make patterns in real life
Pattern puzzle: fold illustration
Designing clothes for plus size women
Luxury vs Premium -or even free
Homage or Plagiarism?

May 13, through May 19, 2010
Sewing but not for the squeamish pt.2

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