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Well. I meant to post this over the week end but as it is with the best laid plans, it didn’t happen. Instead, I relaxed and took the time off to attend the local wine festival on Sunday as well as working on much delayed home chores. I anticipate getting back to work full bore as of… tomorrow. Yes, I think then. Maybe my carpel tunnel will be better then too. I think that trying to draft with my left hand will be an exercise in futility.

In any event, here is the traditional archives entry so you can catch up on old entries you’ve never had the opportunity to read and of course, there are still more listed on the archives page. Hope your weekend was nice, productive and relaxing. Till soon!

May 11, through May 17, 2005
Push-Pull Manufacturing
Process review: lapped zipper

May 11, through May 17, 2006
A question of thoracic shaping pt.2
Lazy pattern making
Ungaro style #11350
Gussets and collars
Where is ease permissible?

May 11, through May 17, 2007
Back from SPESA & Material World
Obligatory Mother’s Day post
Energy and the future of the apparel industry
SPESA Trip Report: Eric Husman
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.1
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.2
SPESA Trip Report: Kathleen pt.3

May 11, through May 17, 2008
Tyranny of tiny sizes pt.2
Pattern Puzzle & Quiz: Threads
When do you cut your losses?
Pattern Puzzle & Quiz: Threads pt.2

May 11, through May 17, 2009
Cutting trims and shrinkage
How we make patterns in real life
Pattern puzzle: fold illustration
Proposed law to destroy 90% of design businesses

May 11, through May 17, 2010
Pattern puzzle: Pivot sleeve pt.2
Sewing but not for the squeamish pt.2

May 11, through May 17, 2011
Why jean legs skew
Refine My Line: Embrace Infant Warmer
Refine My Line: Embrace Infant Warmer pt.2

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