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A reminder that F-I Manglement will be away next week attending the TexProcess trade show in Atlanta GA. If you’re a forum member who will be attending, be sure to add yourself to the list so we can include you in our planning. If you’re not a member but would like to have dinner with us, be at the top of the escalator by 5:30 PM each afternoon.

For those who won’t be able to attend, I’ll be hosting a neat product give-away this week so stay tuned. In fact, you’ll have multiple opportunities to win via the forum, Twitter and Facebook.

As usual, below appears a selection of content to entries posted on this site for this period, over the past seven years with still more on the archives page. Have a great weekend.

April 6, through April 20, 2005
Imports and returns
Vintage pattern post #4
PR firm sues DE
Me and my blog
Vintage pattern post #5
Men’s drafting

April 6, through April 20, 2006
Reverse engineering standard work pt.5.1
Not a knock off
Decline of drawing skills
Fulfillment centers pt.1
Archaic anthropometry
Line sheet cover letters
Conphorm’s pattern puzzle
Self-reporting one’s size
How to be creative
A question of thoracic shaping
Fulfillment centers pt.2
History of women’s sizing pt.1
History of women’s sizing pt.2
Anatomy of a Camel Toe pt.1

April 6, through April 20, 2007
Beyond obvious
100 mile clothing
Is fast fashion sustainable?
News from you 4/11/07
Commercial vs Industrial space
MAGIC Trip Report: Todd Hudson

April 6, through April 20, 2008
Pattern corrections you should pay for 2
It all starts here 9
Why 5% shrinkage is fatal to a start up clothing line
California Garment License for Out of State Companies
Niche: plush toys
Apparel Manufacturing in New York
How to start a clothing line pt 2
Why I don’t write about apparel manufacturing overseas
News From You 4/18/08

April 6, through April 20, 2009
Sci-Fi sewing lesson defies the laws of physics
The best pattern grading book of all
What we expect from designers pt.2
Your first meeting with a pattern maker
Pop Quiz #483
A great PR pitch
Pop quiz #483 pt.2
Apparel price point categories
8 ways to better communication
Pop Quiz #484 Sleeve problem or not?

April 6, through April 20, 2010
Clothing sales have increased 300%!
Fashion internships
Metric Pattern Cutting for Children’s Wear and Babywear
The vending machine survey
The vending machine survey pt.2
Secoli pattern making method
Pattern Puzzle: vintage dress

April 6, through April 20, 2011
Pattern Puzzle: Ziggurat
Amazing (and underrated) wholesale tradeshow opportunities
Pattern Puzzle: Ziggurat pt. 2
Great and under rated wholesale shows (pt.2)
Great and under rated wholesale shows (pt.3)
The 13 different kinds of samples
Review of the Yield Exhibition (Zero Waste)
Pattern Puzzle: Vintage pattern post #6

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