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pinto_bean_nestThe hummingbirds came back last Monday. There are so many here (the neighbor has sheep and hummingbirds do eat insects) that I hear buzz buzz buzz anytime I’m outside. Ms Humming has been thwarted this year; I trimmed that branch, no breeding directly in front of my overhead door like last year. I did enjoy the experience and saved her nest. I keep it on a wall in my office (I put a pinto bean in it so you get an idea of its scale). I now wish I’d saved those other nests.

If you haven’t been around very long, you likely think I’m out of my tree. I have a minor perseveration with birds and how they’re dying off. And bees too. One of the reasons we bought this property is so that we could have a hive, maybe more if it worked out. Not for any reason than to provide a protected and tended habitat for them. We plan to grow things they’ll like. I planned to start working on hives this weekend but then realized we had to go out of town to paint our Las Cruces house. Hopefully we’ll be that much closer to getting it on the market.

As per the usual, here is the list of entries published this week in history over the past six years. If you need to catch up, there’s 2,000+ in the archives. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Natalia Silva says:

    I once had a tucan born in my back yard in Rio de Janeiro. I also had monkeys, so maybe this isn’t normal for you guys. In any case it was a beutiful experience because the monkeys would watch and never harmed the toucan. I used to feed the monkeys, but I didn’t klnow what to do with the bird.


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