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The big news of the week was The Dress. Of course. Very lovely. Tasteful. Did you watch the wedding? I did not and was surprised by how many people I know that did. I can’t get over how much the boy looks like his mother. I also loved her dress -at the time but frightfully dated by now of course. I’m hoping Kate’s choice will be influential in that brides will start selecting styles other than strapless for awhile (please!). She has such a lovely figure; did you see the flower girls? Cute as buttons they were. I do wish the boy had worn something other than that shrieking red and the not willing to commit to being a true blue, blue but you can’t have everything. I thought it looked rather garish by comparison. So there you go. For better or worse, this is why I don’t do style critiques.

If you’ve some time this lovely weekend, below is a list of all the entries published on this site for this given week, over the past six years. As ever, there are still 2,000+ more in the archives. I hope your weekend is productive and restive.

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  1. Kristin says:

    The dress was beautiful! I knew she was going to have a dress that was modern and traditional. It’s all in the details when you get a closer look. William looked very handsome as well. The red was smashing, not garish at all. It was also very a traditional British uniform which Kate had requested for him to wear.

    All-in-all, what a great day, great couple and may they be so boring that no one will bother them so they can lead a normal life. Right!

  2. I didn’t watch, but googled later to see the dress. I loved it and also appreciated the modest top. I think William looks more like his dad. Maybe it’s that parental mixture that strikes some people one way and some the other.


  3. Reader says:

    I recorded the BBC-A coverage of the wedding (figured it would be the most dignified) and fast-forwarded over the boring parts (it was almost six hours of coverage). I wasn’t a big fan of the dress. Beautiful, but dull. I would like to see some better photos as I keep reading about the workmanship by the Royal School of Needlework.

    Kathleen, I have fond memories of Princess Diana’s dress as well, although now it does seem over the top. I loved the creamy texture of the satin.

  4. Jen Rocket says:

    Kathleen, I did not watch the wedding,just checked out the pictures on google. All I could think before I saw the dress was that I hope it’s not strapless! So nice to see we are on the same wavelength. I agree the dress is dated but i’m happy to see a beautiful tasteful look. I just had a client requesting a plunged neckline-like to the bellybutton with feathers over the breasts…and…tear away layers for a skirt that would end up in a mini dress after choreographed dancing. It’s a challenging one,and it’s strapless.
    For my own recent wedding dress I chose sleeveless old hollywood glamour style in pink satin.

  5. JustGail says:

    I just watched a few highlights, mostly for the dress. Which I thought was wonderful, and in keeping true to her personal style. I too am so tired of strapless on *every* bride. It’s great on some, not so good for others. I liked the flower girls dresses also. I must say, even back then, I thought “that’s a lotta dress” when I saw Diana’s dress. But, it was totally in step with the times and the whole “fairy tale” story.

  6. Kierstin says:

    You said “There is a now obscure school of (economic) thought called functionalism.” Functionalism (or structural functionalism) remains one of the primary sociological theories to this day. Yes, rooted out of the 19thC, but still is the most dominant social framework in everyday society. It may indeed be outdated (depending on your theoretical flavour), but still holds merit particularly in examining what social functions (obvious, or indeed unintended) surround a practice thereby keeping it going? For example, what are the social functions for society of the royal wedding such that it maintained (or changed) values, beliefs, customs, social relations (etc.) as compared to Diana’s wedding? And what was the role of fashion for these? These are examples of functionalist questions. The sociology of fashion indeed would not be complete without a functionalist analysis of the questions.

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