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With family matters pressing, I’ve been remiss but stealing moments online as I’m been able. I’ll be back to my usual attentiveness once the holiday weekend is over -Easter in New Mexico is of greater import than Christmas; equally grave observance of Passover by Jews and Christians alike. Remind me sometime to tell you about the crypto Jews of New Mexico; it’s a fascinating story. This year we start the weekend (casually) by watching Schindler’s List. Tomorrow we day trip to Madrid, formerly a mining town, then ghost town, now mostly an artist’s haven. Maybe I’ll find something to regale you with next week. It’s a lovely spot and I haven’t been in several years.

So here’s today’s archives entry with links to published entries on this site over the past six years. Sufficiently intrigued, there are 2,000+ more in the archives. Hope your holiday and weekend is grand. See you next week!

April 15, through April 21, 2005
Men’s drafting
AIBI sourcing show

April 15, through April 21, 2006
History of women’s sizing pt.1
History of women’s sizing pt.2
Manufacturer’s blogs
Anatomy of a Camel Toe pt.1
Anatomy of a Camel Toe pt.2

April 15, through April 21, 2007
Commercial vs Industrial space
My friend Trish
Apparel Manufacturer, technical journal
MAGIC Trip Report: Todd Hudson
News from you 4/20/07

April 15, through April 21, 2008
Apparel Manufacturing in New York
How to start a clothing line pt 2
Why I don’t write about apparel manufacturing overseas
News From You 4/18/08
Jeans fit lousy these days

April 15, through April 21, 2009
Apparel price point categories
8 ways to better communication
Pop Quiz #484 Sleeve problem or not?
Pop Quiz #484 Sleeve problem pt.2

April 15, through April 21, 2010
Secoli pattern making method
Pattern Puzzle: vintage dress
The vending machine survey pt.3
Pattern Puzzle: vintage dress pt.2

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