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de_borchgrave_gownJan sends a link to eye candy from Belgian painter Isabelle de Borchgrave whose work is featured in the exhibition Pulp Fashion hosted by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. For over 17 years, de Borchgrave has drawn inspiration from iconic Renaissance paintings, historical figures and fashion luminaries to create life sized three dimensional paper sculptures. If you’re fortunate enough to attend, the exhibition runs through June 5, 2011. A sample of her work is shown at right; this paper dress is copied from a gown worn by Marie-Antoinette. You can see more of de Borchgrave’s work at her website or read more about her in the book Paper Illusions.

As ever, today’s entry includes links to six years worth of entries published on this site for this given week -with another 2,000+ in the archives. I hope your weekend is great but between trade show attending, one planned dog napping, rooster chasing and long awaited out of town visitors, mine is shaping up to be busier than usual. I’d hoped to work in a bit of gardening between the dog napping and rooster chasing but I don’t think I should aspire to it.

April 1, through April 7, 2005
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April 1, through April 7, 2006
ABC Retailing pt. 3
A failed experiment pt. 3
ABC Retailing pt. 4
Reverse engineering standard work pt.5.1
Not a knock off
Decline of drawing skills
I’m not a sheep

April 1, through April 7, 2007
On becoming a jewelry designer
How to pitch me
Reusable bag contest #1
China Blue
Pattern Puzzle: Pattern Magic
Summer Rayne Oakes: Slave to sludge
I am the high priestess
Beyond obvious

April 1, through April 7, 2008
The difference between price and cost
How to create grade rules 2
39 tips to preventing credit fraud
How to create grade rules 3
Pattern corrections you should pay for 2

April 1, through April 7, 2009
How the industry has changed forever pt.2
Contracts are not an insurance policy
Wholesale fabric shows April 2009
The best kept secret to getting freelance work
Sci-Fi sewing lesson defies the laws of physics
The best pattern grading book of all

April 1, through April 7, 2010
Posting pranks
How to sew faster pt.4
Clothing sales have increased 300%!
Your worst purchasing decision contest. Win Fabric Calc!

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