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There is an event of interest on the west coast next week. On Monday the 15th, the Los Angeles International Textile Show starts and runs through Wednesday the 17th. There’s about 200 vendors, focus of the show are fabrics and various sundries suitable for Spring & Summer 2011. More info.

The week following on the 25th from 2-7 PM, Style Careers is having a job fair at the Copper Design Space. Pre-registration is recommended because everyone is screened before they let you in the door. You need a two or four year design degree or commensurate experience. SC mentions that store-level retail and internships don’t qualify as experience. A $10 fee is required to get in, cash only. Break a leg.

And now, here’s this week’s archives entry. May your weekend be fun and relaxing.

March 5, through March 11, 2005
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March 5, through March 11, 2006
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March 5, through March 11, 2007
Recent media hodge podge
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International Women’s Day
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How to Get Answers to Your Questions

March 5, through March 11, 2008
Teaching an old dog new tricks
Style File!
A three minute post
New: Knit wear pattern making book

March 5, through March 11, 2009
Why retailers become manufacturers
How to import fabric without a broker
Trip report -Discovery Trekking

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  1. carissa says:

    I was all set to go to LA tomorrow: plane tickets, hotel, show registration, even my son was coming with me. Then I got called to travel to the opposite end of the country.

    I really need to get to a fabric show. September can’t come fast enough!

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