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I’m heartened by the news that a bonafide sewing contractor is now in Albuquerque. After years of turning away work for the lack of one, I’m not quite sure how to manage my good fortune. Suffice to say, if you’re interested in small quality lot production, let me know. He even sews leather handbags and garments. Yay us!

And as if you didn’t already know what was coming next, here are the entries posted on this site over the past seven years for this time period. As ever, there are still more on the archives page. Hope your weekend is grand.

March 30, through April 5, 2005
Brief notes
Vintage pattern design update
The legalities of labeling
Materials testing #17659/17801
Re-inventing Vionnet & 24001 draft

March 30, through April 5, 2006
A failed experiment
Straw into gold
Fitting logic pt. 2
A failed experiment pt. 2
ABC Retailing pt. 2
Dilettantes and competition
ABC Retailing pt. 3
A failed experiment pt. 3

March 30, through April 5, 2007
Do you follow trends?
On becoming a jewelry designer
How to pitch me
Reusable bag contest #1
China Blue
Pattern Puzzle: Pattern Magic
Summer Rayne Oakes: Slave to sludge

March 30, through April 5, 2008
Poll of the day: grainline stability 2
Georgie World goes to Bubble (again)
The difference between price and cost
April Fools
How to create grade rules 2
39 tips to preventing credit fraud
How to create grade rules 3

March 30, through April 5, 2009
A licensing deal gone wrong
CPSIA in three acts: Shame, Honesty and Crime.
How the industry has changed forever pt.2
Contracts are not an insurance policy
Wholesale fabric shows April 2009
The best kept secret to getting freelance work

March 30, through April 5, 2010
Slow fashion survey
Zero Waste Fashion pt.2
Posting pranks
How to sew faster pt.4

March 30, through April 5, 2011
Pop Quiz: Who is the curviest of them all? pt.2
Curvy does not mean plus sized
April Fools 2011
Pop Quiz: Fitting the common T-shirt
Pop Quiz: Fitting the common T-shirt pt.2

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