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It being such a lovely spring day in northern New Mexico; I’m easing into spring cleaning. It must be primal, this urge to clean after winter’s elements. First to stow the feather bed, its cover so brittle it begs a third repair, covering the bedroom floor with vacuum defying down. I bought seeds this week, some of them heirlooms: I’ve long aspired for a tres hermanas garden. Google says that is better known as permaculture. Tres hermanas refers to mound group planting with corn, beans and squash. The corn supports the beans and the three sustain and feed each other.

Anyway, I hope your weekend is lovely and productive. Here are the entries published this week over the past six years on this site. If you have more time to delve, there are another 2,000+ in the archives.

March 25, through March 31, 2005
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March 25, through March 31, 2006
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ABC Retailing
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Fitting logic pt. 2
A failed experiment pt. 2

March 25, through March 31, 2007
MAGIC Trip Report: Vicki Clairborne
Shipping patterns
Labor shortage?
Another dopey contest
Excuse me while I vent
Do you follow trends?

March 25, through March 31, 2008
Pattern puzzle: fix this
The evils of mass production 2
Grading children’s clothes pt.2
Sizing information: who needs it?
How to create grade rules 1
Poll of the day: grainline stability
Poll of the day: grainline stability 2
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March 25, through March 31, 2009
How to find a missing dart end
How to sew faster pt.2b
How to sew faster pt.3
A licensing deal gone wrong
CPSIA in three acts: Shame, Honesty and Crime.

March 25, through March 31, 2010
Hiring a full package sewing contractor pt.2
18 secrets to a profitable clothing line
Pop Quiz: Why do knits get larger pt.3
Pattern Puzzle: Bonkuk Koo
Slow fashion survey
Zero Waste Fashion pt.2

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  1. Stephanie T. says:

    Beginner gardener here: I think one of the most important things about heirloom seeds is that you can save the seeds from the plant and then you don’t have to order seeds for next year. I don’t think you can do that with hybrids. So “greener-than-thou” snootiness aside, the ability to save seeds is a big deal for a lot of people.

    I’ve been reading about permaculture and I think I want to go that route in the coming years. It seems like a lot less work once you get over the initial learning curve!

  2. Wow! The Tres hermanas garden concept is fascinating the way they all feed & support each other. Interesting how the three are supposed to be eaten together too. Thanks for the enlightening info!

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