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Well. I’ve returned from my adventures and as usual, at a loss. Other than being behind on the happenings, news, email etc., my browser was updated. This -as you may know- is the equivalent of having someone borrow your car and adjust the mirrors to their necessity. It took the better part of several hours to re-arrange things to my liking -it is not fun to re-code deprecated (yet completely serviceable) add on widgets. I have one add on I can’t do without; it’s been deprecated since v.3.0 (Firefox is v.11 now) but I’m happy now having fiddled with configuration files to restore the utility. So much blather no? Point is, I’m having to readjust my mirrors before I can drive this thing.

This coming week should be fun. I’m looking forward to drawing names for the book giveaways posted in my absence (giving away stuff is fun!). I have to post a question of consequence -what it means to be a designer, think deeply on it please- and lastly, am thinking of resurrecting an old project I’d mothballed thinking it wasn’t so useful. However, circumstances suggest it may be.  You can be the better judge of it.

In any event, here is a listing of entries posted on this site for this period over the past seven years with still more in the archives. Hope your weekend is lovely.

March 23, through March 29, 2006
Japanese pattern magazines
Patently silly
Why Barbie dumped Ken
Grading Management pt.1
ABC Retailing
Jeans to pray for
Size is a matter of opinion?

March 23, through March 29, 2007
1 of 2: IP & contractors
2 of 2: IP and contractors
MAGIC Trip Report: Vicki Clairborne
Shipping patterns
Labor shortage?
Another dopey contest
Excuse me while I vent

March 23, through March 29, 2008
Grading children’s clothes pt.1
Pattern puzzle: fix this
The evils of mass production 2
Grading children’s clothes pt.2
Sizing information: who needs it?
How to create grade rules 1
Poll of the day: grainline stability

March 23, through March 29, 2009
How to sew faster pt.1
How to sew faster pt.2
How to find a missing dart end
How to sew faster pt.2b
How to sew faster pt.3

March 23, through March 29, 2010
A tool to calculate fabric use
Hiring a full package sewing contractor pt.2
18 secrets to a profitable clothing line
Pop Quiz: Why do knits get larger pt.3
Pattern Puzzle: Bonkuk Koo

March 23, through March 29, 2011
A cheat sheet for the last ten years
Computational Couture revisited

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  1. Quincunx says:

    Hear, hear. I woke up on Saturday to find the laptops had undergone a round of musical desks. My husband did copy over as much as he could from the one previously at this spot, but I’m also still finding widgets gone awry.

    Somewhat related, AdBlockPlus ran an April Fool’s joke of replacing blocked banner ads with pictures of cats. One of only three pranks I encountered, and the third site is persona non grata for getting the Hokey Pokey stuck in my head ever since.

  2. Kathleen says:

    One April Fool’s, I changed the language settings on my husband’s laptop to Klingon. Switching back takes a bit of doing (one is warned in advance) since all the settings menu are no longer readable. I thought it was hilarious, he didn’t agree. Oh well.

    I liked the Kodak prank of printing live kittens.

    My second most favorite prank is Google’s Really Advanced Search. I hope they keep that one up.

  3. Susana says:

    Your fantastic archives list took me to Grading Management p1. One question: Does your book cover grading management and, for example, how to communicate your grading needs with companies? I recently developed a womenswear sewing pattern and sent it to an external company for grading. I provided them with my desired size chart and informed them of amount of ease desired. When the work came back something was wrong. The waist measurements (for example) were about 1/2 smaller than measurement I provided, not even including ease. How do grading companies want this information? I confess I do not know grading and have enrolled in a quick workshop in a few months to gain an overview of it.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Hmm, the book definitely covers grading and how to work with a grading company but that might not be the whole answer for you. Indirectly even, the book can help because what I think you need is forum access. There we would point you to specific entries that address your points both out here and internally. If you don’t wish to purchase the book, you can find quite a bit by going to the grading category.

    Based on what you’re saying, it would seem that the grading should be redone at no additional cost to you but again, caveats abound because I don’t know the details you specified to your service provider. Do keep in mind that with the increased interest in starting a fashion business, there has been a dramatic insurgence of companies that excel more at instilling confidence in their competence, than they do at the work itself. Again, not knowing who you hired, I can’t speak to that.

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