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give_it_to_your_womanOutrage perfectly timed to coincide with International Women’s Day is this label from Madhouse UK (thanks to Kay for sending the link). Madhouse claims they’re too busy making sure that product meets specs that they don’t have time to proofread their sew in labels. Hmm. One could surmise Madhouse also thinks women generally are inordinately stupid and or gullible. Previously another company created a label similar to this one except it had a bit of wit to it; all tongue in cheek of course. FYI: in the US, you’re liable for whatever you do or don’t put on your labels so you can’t be too busy to proof them.

So how is life in your part of the world this weekend? We didn’t do much beyond playing host for some friends who came from back east. That and waiting for Spring to come already. It snowed last night and the daffodils started blooming last week. It doesn’t seem to have fazed them, quite hardy they are.

Speaking of doing my job, it suddenly occurs to me that I haven’t done this week’s laundry. Where did the time go? Oh well, I’ll leave this to you should you have time to peruse some of the entries published on this site for this week over the past seven years. There are more in the archives page. Hope your weekend was warm and relaxing.

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  1. anna says:

    It must be a joke. I think that we in the UK are also liable for our labling info. The label seen as a contract, the producer is responsible, the consumer not so much. In my garment technologies class we discuss this-if it is common practice, I can’t yet say.

  2. Quincunx says:

    I tried to follow the logic but fell on my face when it came to the logic of owning oneself. Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, Ambrose Bierce is laughing himself breathless.

    I prefer my shirt, tagged with the admonition, “Not to be used as pants”. Wrapping it over my head to be a T-shirt ninja is still OK!

  3. Sandy Peterson says:

    My week and weekend went by way to fast but it was very encouraging. As I was listening to the conference speakers, I was able to do some reverse engineering with my seam ripper, but how I wished I had the one you have refereed to Kathleen, I have to get one of those!!

    On Tuesday, two of our boys and myself attended the NCFCA Speech and Debate Tournament ( and my blog:

    And then from Thursday to Saturday we attended the Family Economics Conference in Wheaton, IL. (

    Snow in Albuquerque?

  4. Kathleen says:

    Snow in Albuquerque?

    This seems to surprise people who have never been here. They think of New Mexico as a hot dry desert and some of it is but it doesn’t get very hot in the northern half of the state, upper 80’s to low 90’s is typical in the middle of summer. Even in summer the temperature drops a good 30, 40 or more degrees at night (most people keep a jacket in their car year round) so you don’t get heat build up. And because the humidity is quite low, it is quite comfortable except in monsoon season (july and august).

    We had the first snow of the year in the entire country. We’re a mile high in elevation (we just don’t bang on about it like that other city). From my house it’s a 20 minute drive to the ski lift.

    I just hope we don’t have a repeat of last year. We had quite a bit of snow in April that killed all the apple buds so we had no apple crop at all last year.

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