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my_neighbors_roosterDid anybody miss me? Or did you think I was ignoring you? The spate of silence means I had to go out of town and I didn’t have access to the internet! Well, no access beyond a smartphone, you can’t do much in the way of writing posts with those. ‘Course I’m always worried that somebody might have burned down the bosque in my absence but no, the worst to come to pass is that my sheep farmer neighbor (not the other one) got chickens. Evidently I am their babysitter because they are over here all day long. The rooster (looks like he’s stepped straight out of a black velvet painting) is proud of his three pullets too. I’m hoping they’ll lay over here to make up for some of that dog food they’re eating. Juxtapose that with the half hour I spent with this morning by phone with a chica in New York City (!) that no, I did not live in New York City, did not go to school in New York City, have never worked in New York City but do in fact, work in the fashion industry (what, and give all this up?). She thinks that because it’s gone to pot in NY that the rest of us are hurting worse. I tried telling her that LA surpassed NY in apparel jobs nearly 15 years ago and the rest of us are doing just fine but I don’t think she believes me.

Lengthy preamble dispensed with, here’s the archives entry I should have posted last Friday. Hope it didn’t inconvenience you too much. As always, there’s another 2,000+ in the archives.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    ugh…now I’m obsessing that the chickens are orphans… and they have no food so I have to go buy them some. Yesterday I thought they were looking a bit languid; now I’m thinking it is closer to wilting with threats of starvation setting in. Maybe they are lost? I know one slept in the tree over our chicken coop last night.

    Must go buy feed now… [says she who keeps cat/dog food in the car in case she finds a starving animal whilst out and about…]

  2. kay says:

    Sounds like they’ve flown the coop.

    Got enough worm activity in your soil that just soaking a few square yards of ground will bring enough worms up for chicken dinner? Chickens will also eat dogfood, as a friend’s dog found out to his amazement…

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