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California Apparel News says the mood at this week’s fabric show was upbeat and optimistic, always good news. The only cloud on LA’s wholesale fabric shopping events is the annoyance/expense difficulty of the two competing shows being held too close together -or not close enough. The situation is moving toward improvement next year when they’ll be held back to back with a bit of overlap. Better for attendees but not so good for vendors. If it’s not good for vendors (who need to bear the expense of having two booths and staffs for each show), it’s not good for you either.

In other news, CAN reports the demise of a flagship store that focused on independent designer goods. Ioanna, a visitor to F-I’s Facebook page says there’s more to the story:

“avant-guard and irreverent” often translates to overpriced and unwearable. It’s been a LONG time since I was in that store but the collection it featured then included vintage fur and human hair… they haven’t updated their website since like the year 2000. I’m just saying, not everything independent is good and well-run.

I suspected this might be a reason. Creativity only gets you so far, it’s execution that matters.

And now, here’s this week’s archives entry. May your weekend be fun and relaxing.

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