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sericulture_luminescent_silkCourtesy of the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (Singapore) comes this week’s cool techno-textile news. The IMRE brain trust has discovered that feeding silk worms a special dye in their food, creates permanently colored luminescent silk (right). Researchers say the technology will reduce the ecological impact of dyeing. Be that as it may and as cool as it is (I’m jealous) the downside is dramatically lengthening your production schedule and complicating your supply chain by an order of magnitude. Or maybe it will only matter at the outset for early adopters.

CSIRO experts think the technology has broader possibilities.

Natalia’s research team envisage creating silk with antibacterial, anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties that could be used in wound dressing or even as biomedical frameworks for repairing damaged tissues. Silk wound dressings could also be created that have compounds with monitoring or sensing capabilities.

It is something cool to think about. And if you need something to think about, here’s this week’s archives entry with another 2,000+ in the archives. Hope your week end is spring cheery!

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    Now that is a really nice idea… How about when I’m old lady wearing silk stockings to deliver anti-inflammatories to my arthritic joints and anti-coagulants to my varicose veins? I’d like them with seams please, if we’re going to be glamorous old ladies we need seams! Can we have fluorescent and seams? Aaah. Old age is looking better already :-).

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