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I found a new to me site about the luxury market that might interest you -even if that’s not your niche. It’s called Luxury Daily and they do their own research. Last week featured an article about the changing purchasing behaviors of luxury consumers. Specifically, these consumers are using the web more heavily for product information which could curtail time spent in stores. In part, what comes to my mind first are the unintended consequences of online sales which affects everyone. I thought the story was interesting in that results applied to my habits too (I’m definitely not the luxury consumer). For example, luxury consumers don’t mind customized advertising (tracking of online behavior). Can’t speak for you but it makes my life easier. The study also claimed that luxury consumers are more sophisticated in the way they search for information. To that I’d have to say “as compared to what” but of course I think my search techniques are sophisticated. I can tell you though that everyone thinks that about their searches. How can you know what you don’t know? It’s that whole meta cognition thing again.

Speaking of knowing what you know -this being this week’s edition of the archives – listed are entries published on this site for this week over the past five (almost six) years of things you didn’t know you didn’t know. Or didn’t know that you knew or I didn’t know you knew or whatever. There are 2,000+ more in the archives if that’s still not enough. Have a great weekend.

February 4, through February 10, 2006
Costs of intellectual property protection
Designing for extreme body types
Lowering wholesale prices
Don’t tell me what to buy
Vivisection: Project Runway
Inflatable sewn products
The real value of couture
Standard Work

February 4, through February 10, 2007
Organic vs sustainability
A question about fabric libraries
Espionage for better sizing
Espionage for better sizing pt.2
Pattern maker vents about clients

February 4, through February 10, 2008
NY fabric shows: Printsource, Direction, TexWorld & Premiere Vision
The Impending Crisis
The Impending Crisis pt.2
How to hire a pattern maker pt.47
Design sketch analysis

February 4, through February 10, 2009
Six days until National Bankruptcy Day
MAGIC Trade Show Season Feb ’09
Three days until National Bankruptcy Day
Some days I don’t feel like blogging
Q&A: Designer’s guide to hiring a PR Firm

February 4, through February 10, 2010
The rules on seam allowances pt.2
News from you 2/8/2010
MAGIC Trade Show Season Feb 2010

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