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Here is part two of the archives I’m behind on posting while I’m away working at Leslie’s place –Discovery Trekking Outfitters– on Vancouver Island until I come back on Wednesday. Again, this was supposed to be posted last Friday but I’m behind. There’s lots of material due to all of the trade show reviews from Magic. Speaking of, I haven’t gotten one single submission this time around from all those who went this year (nag). Let me tell you, not only did I not go this year, I’m not going next year. With any luck, I won’t go the year following either so if there’s no volunteers to offer trade show reviews, it just won’t be covered. Not that I blame anyone for not wanting to write about it of course. Having to go is torture enough.

Speaking of trade shows and next year, everybody should pencil the SPESA show into their calender for May 18-20, 2010 in Altanta Georgia. Be there or be square; it’s a tools of the trade, show with sewing machines and all that rot. About thirty of us -all of the usual suspects- went to the show in 2007; it’s only held every three years. We had a blast.

Blather aside, following are all the entries published on this site for this week in history over the past four years. You can also access the archives which lists over 1,500 entries published here. Don’t forget to click through for the whole list.

February 27 through March 5, 2005
The zen of the survival of the prettiest
Tailoring and The English Cut
Oh joy
Product Review Style# 12658
Intolerable ugliness or the shape of things to come?

February 27 through March 5, 2006
Pimp my style
The Fashion Piracy Paradox pt.2
Meet Henry Hibbard
Home-sewing manufacturers
Designer’s website design
Domestic manufacturing is up
Home-sewing manufacturers pt 2
Reverse engineering standard work pt.6
Lies and body weight
Good Logo Design
On drafting and European Cut

February 27 through March 5, 2007
Do you have patterns for sale?
Fit Couture in Apparel Magazine
Notes Eco Trade Show
MAGIC Show: Publications
Recycled materials
News from Verbal Croquis
Recent media hodge podge
I’m not Verbal Croquis

February 27 through March 5, 2008
5 reasons patents are worthless and more
NY travel bleg
Showing a line at MAGIC: Rene Geneva
Trudy’s adventures in Las Vegas pt.1
Trudy’s adventures in Las Vegas pt.2
Trudy’s adventures in Las Vegas pt.3
Third Anniversary!
News from you 3/1/08
Pattern puzzle: Hussein Chalayan
Spanish sizing study
Mistakes designers make pt.87
Teaching an old dog new tricks

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  1. LisaB says:

    Kathleen, are the home-sewing manufacturers articles from 2006 still around F-I? Those are two older entries I clicked on above but got Page Not Found errors. No big deal if they aren’t. I just didn’t remember reading them before and thought I’d check them out.

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