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It’s the close of another week yet it almost seems like the beginning. It had been dreary and cold all week but today, Mother Nature became quite charming, bestowing us with balmy breezes and bright sunshine. I even saw my first bee of the season. By all accounts, spring is coming. Couldn’t be too soon for our friends farther north.

Here’s to a happy productive yet relaxing weekend. As always, today’s post is a selection from the archives for this week in blog history. There’s more content than usual due to the trade show reviews from various attendees.

February 19, through February 25, 2005
nothing pithy here
nothing pithy here either

February 19, through February 25, 2006
Fashion books close out
Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont
Paranoid and peremptory
Profits aren’t cash
Grading machines and rulers
Reviewing pattern scissors
Reverse engineering standard work pt.4
Definitely off topic
Reverse engineering standard work pt.5
The Fashion Piracy Paradox

February 19, through February 25, 2007

MAGIC Trip Report: Meghan Bachman
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.1
MAGIC Trip Report: Sally Beers
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.2
MAGIC Interview: Bungalow 360
MAGIC Trip Report: Malia Premi
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.3
MAGIC Interview: Bo Bo Bags
Second Anniversary!
MAGIC Interview: Allay California
MAGIC Interview: Sales Rep Leah Wiley

February 19, through February 25, 2008
Sourcing at Magic 2/08: David Sorg
Showing at KIDShow 2/08: Bethany
How to promote your line at a trade show
Las Vegas trade show season 2/08
Eco Seminar review
Magic, WWIN, Project & Pool review: Lameka
Project trade show review 2/08
Important pattern and grading book news
This could only happen in Vegas: Kimberly
Seminar review: Top Five Problems You Should Avoid When Importing
Design sketch analysis 2
Global ECO Show review: Ellaroo
Global ECO Show review: Naturally Bamboo

February 19, through February 25, 2009
How to get started in sweater design and production
Establishing wholesale terms and sales policies
Q&A: Designer’s guide to hiring a PR firm pt.2
Flatlocking compared to cover stitching and overlocking
PSA to bloggers wanting samples for review
Grading for height when you nothing about grading
My response to Representative Schakowsky
What it’s like to exhibit at the Outdoor Retailer Show

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  1. Dan says:

    I just lost 20 minutes reading all of the links, with 365 news left in Google Reader.

    Kathleen, thank you for all the information! Your blog is excellent! My only wish is that one day you make a book, complete with all of your knowledge in regards to patternmaking, and don’t forget us men in the process.

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