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rubbish_jumpersMuch cause for mirth yesterday was a video animation about sweater production courtesy of Pringle, a Scottish sweater (or “jumper”) company. I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit. It’s juvenile and full of hyperbole -in short, just perfect for anyone who takes their “brand” too seriously. At right, a rubbish jumper company is being bombed. Pringle says everyone else should just make socks.

The next item on the agenda is debriefing on all the shows last week in Vegas. Both WWD and Apparel News covered them extensively but I point you over to the latter since access to most articles is free. The summary conclusion is visitor traffic was up a bit (10%) but that buyers from the East Coast declined somewhat. Likewise, orders for Immediates continue to increase (no surprise there, the trend is clear hint hint) with a noticeable lag in purchasing commitments for Fall. I would have expected nothing less; buyers (like everyone else) are biding their time for stronger and sustained indicators of economic recovery. Also, there are reviews below of the various shows which appear in today’s archives edition.

And of course, below are the entries published on this site for this week over the past six years. Again, the archives include over 2,000 pages of targeted information for clothing designers, manufacturers and apparel tradesmen. Have a great weekend.

February 18, through February 24, 2005
nothing pithy here
nothing pithy here either

February 18, through February 24, 2006
Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont
Paranoid and peremptory
Profits aren’t cash
Grading machines and rulers
Reviewing pattern scissors
Reverse engineering standard work pt.4
Reverse engineering standard work pt.5
The Fashion Piracy Paradox

February 18, through February 24, 2007
Home again, home again, jiggety jig
SPESA Material World Expo 2007
MAGIC Trip Report: Meghan Bachman
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.1
MAGIC Trip Report: Sally Beers
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.2
MAGIC Interview: Bungalow 360
MAGIC Trip Report: Malia Premi
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.3
MAGIC Interview: Bo Bo Bags
Second Anniversary!
MAGIC Interview: Allay California

February 18, through February 24, 2008
How to promote yourself before a show
Sourcing at Magic 2/08: David Sorg
Showing at KIDShow 2/08: Bethany
How to promote your line at a trade show
Las Vegas trade show season 2/08
Eco Seminar review
Magic, WWIN, Project & Pool review: Lameka
Project trade show review 2/08
This could only happen in Vegas: Kimberly
Seminar review: Top Five Problems You Should Avoid When Importing
Design sketch analysis 2

February 18, through February 24, 2009
Flatlocking compared to cover stitching and overlocking
PSA to bloggers wanting samples for review
How to use the humble L-square or tailor’s ruler
Grading for height when you nothing about grading
My response to Representative Schakowsky

February 18, through February 24, 2010
Setting terms when you become a freelance designer
How to license fabric designs
How can we make it easier to do business with us?
How can we make it easier to do business pt.2
Fair is fair: Blaming China?

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  1. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    Hahahahaha! That video is hilarious! I love how the narrator says all that with a straight face. And if an old lady tried to knit 700 billion sweaters, her hands would catch fire. Awesome!

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