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fi_is_sixDid anybody notice that Fashion-Incubator celebrated another anniversary this week? Yes we did. As of the 12th of February, we’ve been publishing content for six years. That’s practically an institution on the internet.

Speaking of publishing six years of content on the nuts and bolts of apparel manufacturing, that’s why I post these weekly archives entries. There is so much material on this site that it has become impossible to know all that is here without the snapshots of given week’s content over a period of time.

This being a holiday weekend, maybe you’ll have time to read more than usual (complete list of entries). I hope your weekend will be happy and productive. I’d settle for either of those; unlike those with normal jobs, I’ll be working for most of it. Wah.

February 11, through February 17, 2005
that jpeg is colita btw
What are the core skills of sewing?
Core sewing skills
Sewing anxiety, avoidance and fears
The cognitive dissonance of experts
Thrift store shopping

February 11, through February 17, 2006
Knit cutting questions
First Anniversary!
Ergonomics in apparel manufacturing
Reverse engineering standard work pt.1
Color psychology
Reverse engineering standard work pt.2
Reverse engineering standard work pt.3
Pattern puzzle: Vionnet

February 11, through February 17, 2007
What we expect from designers
Off to MAGIC
How I (kind of) organize my fabric
Magic show interim report
How To Get Out of a Rut
When good employees quit

February 11, through February 17, 2008
Swag or sweetheart?

February 11, through February 17, 2009
The best (sewing machine) site on the internet
Fourth Anniversary!
How to get started in sweater design and production
Establishing wholesale terms and sales policies
Q&A: Designer’s guide to hiring a PR firm pt.2

February 11, through February 17, 2010
Returns policies for defective goods
Fifth anniversary!
So you want to be a fashion designer rock star

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  1. Lisa Blank says:

    Happy 6th! I am woefully behind in poring over the archives, but I do like getting these weekly reminders of all the good stuff you’ve published.

  2. Ha ha, I tried to stop my post and change “their” to “her” to be grammatically correct, and I got this message, “You’re posting too quickly. Slow down!” Or something like that. Made me chuckle.

  3. patton says:

    Happy Birthday FI! Birthday?? Happy Anniversary!Thank you so much for all of the insight, and the time it must take to put all these nutritious thoughts together for us. I was justbtelling my father this morning (FL Lean Homebuilding Entrepreneur) that if this blog was a meat, it is the heartiest meat at the general public’s disposal . . . Followed by a “how does she do it?!?”

    I wish I had found you six years ago and then I might have been able to fulfill my online educational dream of reading every post. Currently that thought inspires stress and the realization that I yet have soooo much to learn. Too much! But I will keep cracking at it.

    The only thing missing is a real institution in a real building. I have so often thought about what an amazing program this blog could be turned into. You have helped me in ways I don’t even know yet! Thank You Kathleen!!! To 6 more years of brilliance!

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