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Blogging can be a love or hate relationship. Yesterday it was ♥love♥:

In 2007, I got an email from this guy in Russia who was searching for an old friend. The only search result he found was a comment she left on F-I so he wants her contact information. I wasn’t going to give him anything because I don’t know him and the lady he’s looking for -I’ll call her Marina, she’s a pattern maker (naturally), also from Russia- has been a friend of mine for years (16). Instead I emailed Marina to say this guy is trying to find her. Marina seemed happy about finding her old friend and that’s all I heard of it.

Fast forward five years; I’m talking to Marina on the phone yesterday, she had just returned from her annual trip to Russia. We talk shop, we gossip and then -get this, she says to me very shyly, “Kathleen, you never know how your blog touches people’s lives, you don’t know how it changes them… do you remember that guy you put in touch with me? …Well, we just got engaged!”

Marina has never been married and has no children. Since she’s a few years older than me, children probably aren’t part of the equation but it’s never too late for love and I just couldn’t be happier for her. ♥ Sometimes I think blogs are the greatest.

Thus is today’s preamble to the archives and I hope your weekend is just as loving.

February 10, through February 23, 2005
What are the core skills of sewing?
Core sewing skills
Sewing anxiety, avoidance and fears
The cognitive dissonance of experts
Thrift store shopping
nothing pithy here
nothing pithy here either

February 10, through February 23, 2006
Standard Work
Knit cutting questions
Ergonomics in apparel manufacturing
Reverse engineering standard work pt.1
Color psychology
Reverse engineering standard work pt.2
Reverse engineering standard work pt.3
Pattern puzzle: Vionnet
Paranoid and peremptory
Profits aren’t cash
Grading machines and rulers
Reviewing pattern scissors
Reverse engineering standard work pt.4

February 10, through February 23, 2007
What we expect from designers
How I (kind of) organize my fabric
Magic show interim report
How To Get Out of a Rut
When good employees quit
MAGIC Trip Report: Meghan Bachman
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.1
MAGIC Trip Report: Sally Beers
MAGIC Trip Report: Kathleen pt.2
MAGIC Interview: Bungalow 360
MAGIC Trip Report: Malia Premi
MAGIC Interview: Bo Bo Bags
MAGIC Interview: Allay California

February 10, through February 23, 2008
How to promote yourself before a show
Sourcing at Magic 2/08: David Sorg
Showing at KIDShow 2/08: Bethany
How to promote your line at a trade show
Eco Seminar review
Magic, WWIN, Project & Pool review: Lameka
Project trade show review 2/08
This could only happen in Vegas: Kimberly
Seminar review: Top Five Problems You Should Avoid When Importing

February 10, through February 23, 2009
Q&A: Designer’s guide to hiring a PR Firm
The best (sewing machine) site on the internet
How to get started in sweater design and production
Establishing wholesale terms and sales policies
Q&A: Designer’s guide to hiring a PR firm pt.2
Flatlocking compared to cover stitching and overlocking
PSA to bloggers wanting samples for review
How to use the humble L-square or tailor’s ruler
Grading for height when you nothing about grading

February 10, through February 23, 2010
Returns policies for defective goods
So you want to be a fashion designer rock star
Setting terms when you become a freelance designer
How to license fabric designs
How can we make it easier to do business with us?
How can we make it easier to do business pt.2

February 10, through February 23, 2011
What are grade specs, grade rules and grade rule libraries?
Why pattern makers don’t want to grade patterns
How to sew a vintage invisible zipper
Pop quiz: Lean-ify this iPad case
Pop quiz: Lean-ify this iPad case pt.2

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  1. Marie says:

    AAhhh! That is so sweet! My 14th wedding aniversary is this month! I know DH will not know what to get me, so I went ahead and bought your book I’ve been wanting forever! It’s a win win because I’m sure your book will help improve my sewing and fit for when I sew for him and myself right? And will last longer than flowers and won’t make me fatter!
    BTW I have been removing the ease out of my sleeves and they look ssooo much better!!

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