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I’ll bet you thought I’d given up on posting archives entries but no, they are back! And this weekend or the early part of next week, I will post the other entries (3) I owe you.

I found it humorous that astrologers are in a tizzy over a revisionist claim that the sun signs we’ve all known are inaccurate. I’ve never been a believer but I think my “new” sign (Taurus) is more descriptive of me than my “old” sign of Gemini -especially because my Chinese sign says I’m an Ox. A metal ox. Like that is any surprise -at least when it comes to respective positive traits of each. heh. So what’s your (new) sign baby? Is it a better match or no?

If you have time to read this weekend, here is the archives entry for this week with over 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

January 7, through January 13, 2006
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Sewing patterns for geeks
A question of line size
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If I were to produce a line pt 2
Top 10 lies of designer-entrepreneurs
Who’s copying whom?
Fix my pants
How to issue style numbers pt.127
Interview with a buyer
How to issue style numbers pt.128

January 7, through January 13, 2007
Fashion internships and mentoring
MAGIC Show February 13-16, 2007
Joseph Abboud: Lean Manufacturer
Good photographs sell products
A problem with sizing studies
Good photographs sell products pt.2
Going to Phoenix
Jeans fitting problem pt.2

January 7, through January 13, 2008
Training green sewing operators
Confusing terminology 1
Every day is Monday
Confusing terminology 2
Comments from the sewing trainee

January 7, through January 13, 2009
How I got started: Jesica Milton
How I got my start: Leslie Hanes & Discovery Trekking Outfitters
How I got my start: Melissa McKeagney & Little Girl Pearl

January 7, through January 13, 2010
What should my wholesale minimums be?
What is vertical integration?
Why you should start your own sewing factory

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  1. Reader says:

    I’m a Double Gemini, and always will be. I really have none of the traits of “Taurus,” my purported new sign. The daily horoscopes for Gemini are vague, unhelpful, cold-reading stuff, but the general description of the sun sign Gemini has always been remarkably accurate.

  2. Reader says:

    I looked up my Chinese Astrological sign and I’m a rooster (thought I was a “rat”), a fire rooster in fact. That goes perfectly with being a Double Gemini.

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