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With the monster snow storm headed for the eastern coast of the US, my complaints last week about snow really sound juvenile. All it takes for me to weep and gnash my teeth is a light dusting you can still see the dirt still through. But snow is not all that’s going on this weekend, there’s a football game too. I love Super Bowl weekend. It’s the only weekend I can go shopping in peace. Be it snow or Super Bowl, enjoy one or both of them this weekend. Cuddle, be warm and till we meet again, here’s this week’s entries from the archives.

January 29, through February 4, 2006
Bias match-stripe
Piece rate is good
Sending patterns off for correction
Organic clothing blog
How to make a line sheet pt.2
Analyzing sales by size
Analyzing sales by size pt.2
Budget Marketing Materials: Large Format Postcards
Thomas and Eleanore pt. 2

January 29, through February 4, 2007
MAGIC Show February 2007
Fix this: mitten contest pt 4
Patternworks Inc
Pet Peeve: Cutters and Mixed Markers
Setting up a small shop

January 29, through February 4, 2008
Pattern puzzle: Parrot jacket 2
Japanese Vionnet book
Old school grading method?
NY fabric shows: Printsource, Direction, TexWorld & Premiere Vision

January 29, through February 4, 2009
CPSIA Guidance for Retailers Working with Vendors
How the industry has changed forever
CPSIA: Stay of Execution?

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  1. LisaB says:

    Hi Kathleen. I’ll be enjoying snow AND football this weekend here in PA. You should see it out there. It’s crazy!

    Anyway, the link for the bias match-stripe entry isn’t working, and it doesn’t work from the archives either. There isn’t even “.html” on the end of it. Maybe you’ll know what’s wrong or what magic to work.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thanks Lisa, David and Sara for both the notice and help repairing. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now. As I am copying directly from the archives page, I’ll have to repair that too. I have a long list of needed repairs, not so quickly done so I procrastinate.

    Lisa, re html: when the site was ported over, the new software didn’t convert hyphens in titles well. If it happens again insert an underscore where there was a hyphen. In this case match_stripe.

    Another way: in this case (sequential archives entries), you can go to an entry either above or below the one you want and navigate from there backwards or forwards by clicking on its title at the top of the page (right or left) where it appears just above the title (of the entry you clicked through to).

  3. Digging out. I’m with you Kathleen. I only enjoy home PSU football games because it means for several hours the streets/stores will be quiet. Sometimes that’s the only way I know there’s a home game. I do know the superbowl is Sunday because I’m following the controversy of the ad being aired.

  4. LisaB says:

    Perfect. Thank you.

    Marguerite, it’s still snowing like crazy here. Driveway and road are drifted closed. I’m glad it’s a weekend.

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